Now I know why Netflix is awesome.

So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give Netflix a chance to impress me. I heard they had a two week trial, which isn’t bad at all, considering that you get a “1 disc at a time” rule, as well as an unlimited “instant play” allowance. In a nutshell, you get 1 disc mailed to you at a time, and you can watch movies online instantly, provided the movie you want to watch is made available to watch online.

I read on how it worked, and basically it works like a queue. You goto the website, and browse through their selection of movies (which I have to say, is quite nice! ) and you add to the queue. The interface is quite easy to navigate through, allowing you to narrow down your selection while browsing. Or you can do a search by movie title, director, or genre, using the search box. I can attest that it works wonderfully!!!

When you find your movie, you simply click “add” to add it to the queue, and based on it’s availability, which you can check on instantly, they’ll mail it to you. And they even send you an email when they ship it to you!

So I decided to have them mail my selection choice of movies, which included:

The Dark Knight
Origin: Spirits of the Past

Now I mention earlier that the trial also allows online viewing as well. So I decided to take advantage of that, too. Unfortunately, my computer doesn’t have the proper connection speed, but I found something better to view it on. It turns out that you can view the online movies from your Xbox 360! I was happy and ecstatic to hear about it. So I go and download the Netflix client on my 360, and add your 360 to the “Netflix Ready devices from your PC (or Mac, if you have one), and you’re ready to go. So I create an “instant” queue the same way I made the DVD queue, and I can view instantly, and I can watch instantly! Keep in mind that you are limited to what’s available for online viewing only. Some movies are both DVD and online queue ready, and others are one or the other.

I can safely say that Netflix is here to stay in my life, and with their soaring profits (I think they made 45% profits last year!) they’re getting better, adding more and more movies to the list. I hope you’ll give them a try.



so the first episode of Kamen Rider Decade was subbed and released today by TV-Nihon. Lets just say it made me happy to see that the premise was like a fanfic on steroids, but unlike a certain other show that seemed like a fanfic made real *cough cough*DBGT*cough cough*, Decade keeps the viewer hooked just from the first episode. Combing every kamen rider from the last 10 years, and putting them in one show Decade is definitely worth viewing even if you’re new to the world of the rider.

~sibby *standing by*

We’re Back

Woo we have our blog back and it’s up and running.

Don’t know what really to say here other than we’ll try to post current and up to date information about our next performances. Oh and always stay tuned for our current and future acts of stupidity and genius upon these pages.



It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got the new site going it seems!

And OMG, we finally have our own domain name, too!

So I want to thank you for visiting the site!  It’s still a work in progress, since we’re still adding the new sections to the site, as well as getting the kinks worked out of the current sections, including format and whatnot.  So please be patient!  For now, if you want, goto our forums here!

We hope to have new content posted for you guys in the near future.  We’re set to shoot our newest series of videos very soon, so we hope you’ll enjoy it when we get it posted up, so keep checking the home page for updates and other tidbits!

Until next time!


It lives. IT LIVES!

Welcome to the aniRAGE Blog.  Here is THE PLACE to go to for news, updates, and musings from the world of aniRAGE.  We will have announcements of upcomming performances, links to our newest videos, our thoughts and feelings on upcomming cons, and our reflections of cons in the past.

We are excited to bring you guys this interactive environment for us to meet, talk, and hang out with you guys.  Feel free to check out our youtube account, as well as our forums.