2 weeks til

Well AEXI is 2 weeks away now and the pre-con jitters are beginning to arrive. Like the penguins, they are stealing my sanity.  Then again I don’t think I have sanity left in my seeing how I checked it in at the door with the chocobo in my room. Hmm, what was typing again? Oh yeah!  Can’t wait to see y’all March 13-15 2009 at Anime Express XI in sunny Daytona Beach.


It’s not fun…

For the past 6 days, I’ve been out of town, a cloak of sadness covering my mind.

Last friday, the 13th, I got news that my grandfather (“PaPa” as the family and I knew him as) passed away suddenly at his home in Monroe, Louisiana.  The cause was supposedly a heart attack to which he didn’t recover.

I was sitting in my room, enjoying a game of Castle Crashers, when a friend of the family called from my PaPa’s house, asking for mother.  I asked what was wrong, but he told me he didn’t know.  Later on, I got a call from mom, with obvious signs that she was crying, and informed me that he had died.  I hung up the phone, proceeding to cry and wail with all of my soul.  I had lost someone dear to me, and I cried.

So my mother and I arrived in Monroe, and we put him to rest.  We cried, we recalled memories of his love and caring nature.  And we even discovered letters between him and MaMa as well.

But all is said and done, and we head home tomorrow.  But as I look back on the events that led to now, I realize that it’s because of not only my PaPa, but my entire family and friends that I do what I do.  I give my support and I give my time with aniRAGE to give our fans and first-time watchers something they won’t soon forget.  I help to give them the gift of laughter and entertainment.

You don’t know what’s lost till it’s not there anymore.  I realize that more than ever.  But I also realize that the memories will never fade if you take time to remember.

In my absence, the new video hasn’t been edited yet.  I apologize for the lateness, and will be getting it edited and uploaded to YouTube before the end of next week.


EXP Con 2009!

aniRAGE is proud to officially announce that we will be returning to EXP Con, October 9-11 in St. Augustine, Florida.

We had a great time there last year, and can’t wait to see what they have planned for everyone.

(Normally, we would link to their website right here, but at the moment it’s currently down).

Check out our videos from last year’s EXP Con at our youtube page!  Here are some links to our videos about EXP Con.

Our next performance is at Anime Express 11, and we hope to have some videos up for you guys soon!