Anime Express XI Pics!

Hey guys,

I just got finished uploading 2.13 GBs of Pictures and Videos loaded onto the aniRAGE Gallery.  Just follow this link to check them out.

Much thanks to Kayla (my wonderful girlfriend) for manning the camera while I was off ADDing away doing stuff.


Back from Anime Express!

Hey guys, we just got back safely from Anime Express! We had a good time, and we hope that you had a good time as well! As soon as we’ve had time to get the footage uploaded into the editor, we’ll be churning out videos from the convention! We’d like to personally thank Ashley Clark of for allowing us to host our games in her room (We love you!), as well as Meredith Placko for letting us hang out with her again (We loved your newest costume!), as well as the ERAU Anime Club staff for allowing us to help them make Anime Express a wonderful con!

As soon as we get footage edited and posted, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Until Metrocon!

Lots of News

Lots of big things happening here!  First off, our good buddy Jeshua (aka Miroku) has gotten himself a nicer place to live!  Congrats on him!  And soon he’s going to have a car to his name and a fresh license to drive it around.  Congrats!

Secondly, we welcome in Shaggy to the crew.  He is our new Camera Whore Man!  We are happy to have him aboard.

Anime Express 11 is coming up soon, and we are happy to report that we have some great stuff planned.  Not only do we have our Whose Line is it aniRAGE show, but we have some new stuff planned for you guys (and it’s a lot better than the “new stuff” we unveiled last year).

We can’t wait to see all of our friends again…from the Animebelle gang, to Eevee, to Veggies…and not to mention Meredith!

We’ll see you guys there!