aniRAGE and SPF team up!

If you haven’t seen the myspace yet, aniRAGE is teaming up with the guys over at Project SPF!

Never heard of Project SPF?  Well you will now!  A couple of their members are good friends of ours, so it only seemed natural that we team up for skits and all around fun!  We haven’t started filming anything yet, but we should hopefully get things going when we get our thinking caps on and get scripts written!  And if you’ve seen their stuff before, they’ve started re-working their past scripts, making them better and funnier then their original version!

And like Zeke said before, we’re trying to get back into the MySpace world once again after so long, so be our friends… please?  Pretty please?


aniRAGE is now on Facebook!

Come join aniRAGE on Facebook. We are getting back into that whole “social networking” thingy that seems to be all the rage nowadays.  I resisted at first, but if anything, it’ll help us get our name out there, and help promote the cons we are going to.  Come check us out!

aniRAGE on Facebook!

Note: As soon as the username feature gets fixed, you can find us at …but apparantly it’s broken *insert eye rolling here*


New Video Coming Soon

Man on man, today was another great day of filming.  Hopefully this video will be up soon.

In other news, we practiced a new improv game today. It’s called “Freeze”, as well as “Freeze Tag”.  It was fun, but I’m not sure if it’ll make it into our repertoire.  It’s most effective when several people are able to participate.

We are still counting down the days until EXP Con.  We can’t wait!


I’m a sucker for funny crap…

For those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to know me, I’m a sucker for anything cute, nerdy, or otherwise amusing that you can buy online.  Sometimes I stumble on it by accident, sometimes I look for it on purpose.  You’d be amazed by how the human mind comes up with the weirdest of things to sell.  Whether it’s for show, has a practical use, or is just for your own entertainment (cause boredom is for the weak!)  Either way, it’s still amusing what you find on the internet.

What kinds of things am I talking about?  I’ll show you some example with links galore in case you want to buy them!

1.  Tetris Icecube Tray –  I could probably be backed up by the older, geeky generation when I guess that nerds and geeks back in the 70’s or 80’s weren’t known for throwing awesome mixer parties, unless you count late night “Mountain Dew and Cheetoes” fueled DnD romps in your mom’s basement a mixer party.  But for some unknown reason, the nerds and geeks decided to take a cue from the college party animals and thus the Tetris Icecube tray was born!  Put your pieces in drinks, or play a fun, chilly game of tetris, your choice!  Why does this amuse me?  Cause the thought of bringing a tray of tetris cubes out of the freezer while blasting the Tetris Hardcore Remix on the speakers at a LAN party is too fun to resist in my mind.

2.  Squishy Bowl Set – Combining two of my favorite things in the world.  Bowls, and “squishy”.  Seriously, this isn’t so much amusing as it is awesome.  I keep wanting to buy a set of these things, but apparently the store keeps running out of them.  Why amusing?  Cause my weird-ass brain can only think that somehow this is how Card Crusher got his start.

3.  Survival Bracelet – This goes into the section of “questionable practicality” simply due to the fact that I’m not much of an outdoorsman myself.  Maybe that’s not grounds for that, but damnit, this is my post!  Anyways, this handy little bracelet holds 14 feet of 550lb strength paracord.  Use it to rescue kittens and babies, lasso that wasciwawwy wabbit.  Hell, even rappel down building in a covert operation or reconnaissance (for those non-geeks out there)  This is funny cause of the fact that one, I’ll never have a practical use for this, other than tying Sibby to a la….. okay, you know what, maybe there are a couple of uses I could have for this thing after all!  Yay for practicality!

Yup, I’m a sucker for stupid stuff…  *adds to cart*


Lots of stuff brewing behind the scenes.

Oh. Man.

We spent almost all day last Friday shooting videos.  And not a shitload, but just two.  They were involved, took multiple shots, and I more or less put my directors hat on for truly the first time.  And it was fun as hell.  I just got done downloading all the footage, making a rough cut, and sending it to Kerby for final editing.  I can’t wait to get the footage back so I can upload it to you guys.

In other news, we have some great panel ideas for EXP Con.  We’ll go into better detail once we make it official, but needless to say it’s going to be a fun time for all.  There are two productions going on at the con: Anime Night Live and The Wright Investigation.  Most, if not all, of us want to be a part of that, as well.  EXP Con is shaping up to be another great year.

On a side note, for a new project we are planning, we might need the help of an artist of the musical variety.  If you would like to assist us in crafting a theme song of the “we don’t have to pay copyright or liscence or royalty charges” variety, contact us at