Another Thursday come and gone…

Had another DnD night with some good friends and part of the guys yesterday. No DnD was played (sadness ~_~;;) and none shall be played until after EXPcon (Epic Sadness T-T)… However, we did spend the evening over at our good friends Dryden and Schifrin’s where we ate hamburger helper and BBQ, drank a little, played some rock band, watched some Wolverine: Origins, and explored their awesome home ^_^. They have a photoography studio and ALL SORTS of cool things! The only thing I didn’t care for was the Spiders, though… They keep tarantulas as pets… I’m Arachnaphobic (DX). But, at least I didn’t have a panic attack with them around. They never left the cage (or at least where out of it near me) so I was good ^_^. I’d like to thank them again for having all of us crazy peoples over and feeding us and Letting me try my first sip of Absinthe… God, is that stuff a kick in the pants O_o! Anyways, I’m off unto the nether regions of cyberspace and house cleaning (Yay @_@;;). Catch all of you hip cats again later ^_~!

~Miroku (Didn’t see the green fairy, but saw a black spider… ~Flees.~)

Awesome aniRAGE Art

My girlfriend is awesome.  And talented, too.  She’s produced some chibi-art of us aniRAGE goofballs, and I’m posting them here because they kick much ass.

Hope you guys enjoyed.  I’m sure more will be on the way!


My first Blog post… *Jazz hands!*

Ahem… Sorry… All sillyness aside, I wanted to test to see if this worked and it looks like that I was successful ^_^! Now then, with that out of the way, I’d like to just post here and leave a little update for how the last AniRAGE meeting went and the week up until now:

The meeting last Saturday was a great huge success and I’m feeling very confident in all of us that EXPcon II is going to be another groundbreaking performance for us all ^_^! It’s really nice to see the fruits of so many creative geniuses coming to it’s fruition. I really have to give it to the rest of my teammates in saying that you guys seriously are awesome and I find it an absolute pleasure not only to be able to work with you all… But, to be friends with all of you as well ^_~! Later that evening, I and my G.F. had much fun at a Local Nightclub which hosted a “true blood” party. For those whom don’t know, it’s a tv/book series about vampires in the south… It’s interesting, but I went more so just because it gave me an excuse to dress up as a Vampire and goof off with a group of friends and my beautiful angel. Since then, the work week has been ok and it looks like alot of the financial worries I’ve been having with EXPcon coming up are begining to work themselves out (YAY!). All in all, I think it’s been a pretty awesome one thus far and I’m looking forward to see what the rest of the week holds! Till then, I’ll catch all you awesome Peoples later! Do watch “Attack of the Sibbies”, btw… It’s EXTREMELY awesome ^_^!

~The Monk

Fairy Tale Theater

At Metrocon 2009, Animebelle teamed up with aniRAGE and produced the Fairy Tale Theater.  All the fales were rewrote and narrated by Anna May Belle herself, with aniRAGE and several other great actors playing the roles.  Two videos are already up about it.

Noh Theater is Better Than No Theater – starring Kerby and Zeke of aniRAGE!

The Brilliant Actor – starring Miroku, Evey and Duo of aniRAGE!

More to come, stay tuned!