Eyes towards the future: While we wait for updates…

… I just figured that I would drop a little line here to place some thoughts on both the events of the con and of the current/to come. So, in my opinion, ExPcon II was probably THE BEST con I have been too. I, along with all of the others, were strongly opinionated of this last year, but THIS years con has taken the cake by SO MUCH! Let me run off my reasonings as to why…

1.) We had excellent cameos in Concept Galaxy’s Opening, closing, and “Anime Night Live” productions. We had some good spots in last years as well, but this year saw the entirety of our group being able to get in on the act and it was FAR more organized and professional. I really do have to give it up to Stephanie and her crew! Every single one of them is both a scholar and a lady/gentleman AND they are supremely talented writers, dancers, and actors! I am MOST DEFIENTLY looking forward to being able to perform alongside of them, once more, at any convention that our group and theirs happens to find ourselves jointly at.

2.) Our parts within Anime Belle’s Kimono Fairytale theature and other panels where a HUGE success! Ashley (Aka Anime Belle) is an extremely AMAZING woman and along side of her mother, father, grandmother, and all of the rest of the Bellites… That crew is Family! 100% Family! We are ever so greatful to her and to all of her clan! God bless the whole lot of you guys!

3.) Our own panels (Anime XD, Whose line is it AniRAGE) where a HUGE success! We entertained before a packed out audience and we kept the house laughing! Certainly, there were a few flubs that happened in our main performance, but that will happen to even the best. We learn from our mistakes and seek to do better from them. Point being, though, even with our errors, we kept a full and fully entertained audience for the entirety of the show! No interruptions. No groups leaving. Everyone stayed put until the very end and everyone had a great time! This is the kind of show we (as entertainers) want to be able to put on! I’m still a little drunk off of the sheer amazement that was the culmination of alot of hard work and practice. I tip my hat to the rest of my family here. You guys are amazing to be able to be friends with… Let alone to perfomr with. Thanks for inviting me into the group and a raised glass to our future shows! Lets knock them ALL out of the ball park ^_~.

4.)And, this is the last one that plays up on what some folks might call “sappy”, but I would be a fool if I failed to mention the loving support and sincerel endearment of (and to which I return equally too) my Girlfriend… Hell! All of our Girlfriends! Thank you all for your loving support and care. I know we can all be a bit difficult to deal with at times, but we sincerely love and cherish all of you… And, I especially Cherish my Beautiful Angel, Jenny… My Sango ^_~.

And, with those stated, I’d like to say that I’m glad we made back safely and would like to offer a special thanks to Kerby. If not for him, Neither I nor jenny, Nor Duo and Evey could have made it to this. The man is a King amongst men and I am deeply gifted to be able to call him my brother and one of my truest, dearest, best friends. Thank you. Kerby. I’m going to pay you back for this someday. You wait and see ^_~.

Well,… Gotta run! I have a Bachelor’s party to attend and we have to try and find Jenny a job and try to get my car working. Long story to go through now, but don’t any of you readers worry. Things will be looking up and they could always be worse… Just keep us in your thoughts/prayers and we’ll be right as rain here soon! Much love to all of you and keep on checking out the forums and this page for new updates and performances! Catch you all later!