Twelve days to go…

I’m getting more nervous and excited with every passing day. The butterflies are already begining to flutter in my stomach just talking about it. I really, REALLY hope that nothing goes wrong and that this won’t be a mistake… I know it’s not, though… Just unfounded worries in the back of my mind n_n. Mine and Jennifer’s going away party is tomorrow ^_^. Hope to see alot of folks there! Also, working hard with the others to brainstorm on new panels and fun games to play at EXP and ShadoCon. I can’t wait to get back to EXP and see everyone ^_~. And, Shadocon is looking like it’s going to be AWESOME!

You all can bet that aniRAGE! is going to give it’s all for you guys and everyone is going to have fun ^_^! Count on it!


Fourteen more days…

And, the monk will be in Jax O_O! Wow! Time is creeping up on me… Still, I’m excited and a little anxious. I hope that this trip will turn out well and this venture will be fruitful ^_^. Anyways, we’re still working hard to get prepared. Wish us luck!



Well, today was the last day… Got everything just about Packed (Should be done in an hour) and then all that will be left is to move it onto a truck and clean the house. It’s kinda strange to sit in this house and not have any of my stuff up and about anymore… But, the move will be good and well worth it in the end ^_^. I’m just looking forward to all the experiences and amazing things that are sure to take place on this adventure. I know it’s not going to be all roses, but hopefully, it will be a grand experience!