What Happens when you spend 14 hours in two theme parks back to back with Dashi? He gets leg muscle pain for the next two days, and a awesome experience!

Greetings Programs!

I recently got to spend a entire day at Universal Studios and Islands of adventure and I was blown away, I never had so much fun in my life.. and never felt so sore afterwards.. XD I’m definitely going to go back but here is a review of both parks for you guys!

Islands of Adventure: This.. this is like a grown up Disney World, there is so much to do and a lot of awesome rides and scenery I will review this by each section of the park so here we go!

Marvel Super Hero Island: This was a neat part of the island, going through and finding all the awesome comic book references was neat, seeing costumed superheros and villains was awesome was a neat experience.. lets go with the rides now!

The Amazing Adventures Of Spiderman: This ride was alot of fun, although the only issue I had was I did not know if it was the angle I Was sitting or if it was my glasses but the 3d felt wobbly in my vision, like it did not look right. all and all it was a fun little mini ride, and I give props to the Ride Attendant Bro who let me and Vicki sit together even for being Single Riders.. 8.5 out of 10

Hulk Roller Coaster: …OMG from the takeoff to the finish it is a INCREDIBLE COASTER If you got balls please ride it.. it was the greatest experience I had at the island, the only issue I had was I had to ride in the modified seats because of my shoulders, and they only had two per coaster, so I had to get nudged to the side for one ride while I waited for another coaster to come back so I could sit in it, but after the wait, the coaster was quite extreme will ride again.. Hulk smash. 10/10

Doctor Dooms Fear Fall: Passed as I was the only one that wanted to go on it, meh.. maybe next time!

Storm force acceleration: ..also passed but there is next time!

Comic Stip land: This place was pretty cool but I did not do any of the rides here.. there’s always next time!

Jurassic Park: Oh man, This was pretty awesome just going through the area and seeing buildings like there were from the movie, quite exciting eating at the cafe was fun too but.. ON TO THE RIDES

Jurassic park boat ride: Oh this is nice.. a boat ride.. ah! were being splashed and sprayed! not coo.. oh hey were going into a building.. WHAT A TREX He looks Fake! Oh Hai Drop.. DROP?! FUUUUUUU.. and Soaked. that was fun, lol 6.5/10

Discovery center: went in out of curiosity, and did not like, will pass as I did not have little kids..

Lost continent: Pretty looking, did not see the eighth voyage of sinbad but there’s a next time,

Poseidon’s fury: Neat lil show, awesome effects and was entertaining 8.5/10

The Magical World Of Harry Potter: Its like being in the movie! all these shops.. and the rides.. and the lines.. and the crowds.. PROTIP: Go early in the morning and Late in the evening to get the best experience, as midday its PAAAACKED.. ONTO THE RIDEEEZ..

The Forbidden Journey of Harry Potter: ..THIS RIDE WENT UPSIDE DOWN?! I did not know it! ..was alot of fun definitely 10/10

Flight of the hippogriff: Cutsey lil rollercoaster.. but never let sibby and dashi share the same seat.. was crampted but fun

Dragon Challgene: Did both sides, Chinese fireball is fast. Hungarian Horntail Is Intense. BOTH. AWESOME. COASTERS. If you love coasters Do this one and the Hulk. 10/fuggin10

Food of Harry potter!: Butter beer is delicious, I prefer it regular instead of frozen, Three broomsticks is a nice place to eat in, the hogs mead brew is decent for a beer, if you get to eat anything in Honeydukes, Eat the Rock cake, its a HUGE OATMEAL Rasin Cookie Cake! 10/10

Dr Seuss: Babiesland, Did the Seuss Carousel for lacie like a Bro.. but it would be good if I was younger definitely

Results of Islands of Adventure: will go back, 10/10


Main Entry: Was nice, easy to get into, until we hit the Macys christmas parade, LINES LINES LINES, Had to push through to get to the rides we wanted to do here in the park.. ONTO THE RIIIIIDES..

Revenge of the Mummy: Pff this will be a dark kiddy scary ride.. Its not scary at *psst* “rollercoaster in the dark” Huh..? Rollercoaster in the wh..AH JESUS ITS FAST AND DARK AND FUUUUAWESOME! 10/10

Men In Black The ride: Absolute fun, and I pwned everyone else with my score of 190k, 300k here I come! 10/10

The Simpsons Ride: Now I was skeptical about this ride, I thought It was going to suck and be a stupid motion simulator ride.. it is.. but it was one of the best damn rides I have ever been on! nonstop laughs and everything else! I want to go back on this so bad, but dont want to pay extra to get into two parks at once, might have to buy a annual pass for just this.. 10/10

Hollywood Rip Ride Rock-it : Your next time my friend.. next time.. Did not get to ride on as I was coastered out.. and by the time I was exhausted and my legs hurt and my back hurt..

Results of Universal studios: Good rides, I wish they still had back to the future, and there are a few rides and shows that i still need to go see at that park 7.5/10

Overall summary: Excellent, excellent excellent, and I might have to get the meal deal plan next time as that might be cheaper to do definitely.. I will put my munies into a annual pass on this then at Disney World.. BUT WAIT, IM GOING TO DISNEY  IN JANUARY!

SO STAY TUNED NEXT TIME KIDS! As Dashi will have a 2parter review of Disney as he goes to Disney World! and Hollywood Backlot studios!

Till next time!

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