Editor’s Note Christmas


Since this Saturday is a special day, I decided to look for an appropriate video this time. While looking, I found this interesting collaberation. Since the video is over twelve minutes long I will be breaking it up into the multiple tracks played.

Track 1: Santa Clause is coming to Town

This song felt like a good introuction to a christmas video. It gets you into that spirit to the point where you almost start dancing along. The video is full of edits and effects ranging from quality masking to beautiful photo-manipulation. Seeing so many different animes with Christmas images reels you in so easily. The few off beats and lip-sync issues are barely noticed and don’t deter from the enjoyment. After seeing this, you are just ready for anything else to come and fill that holiday cheer

Track 2: Nuttin’for Christmas

Just hearing the opening lines already tell you that this is gonna be amusing . A simple video of bad kids getting punished, so far I’m right. The series chosen fit well, as if you can just look at the kids and go “Maybe next year kid.”Some may even giggle from nostalgic pranks they pulled *cough*. Even with only a fraction of all the previous edits, it still entertains and keep the cheer going.

Track 3: Last Christmas

This is where it get complicated. The idea is a good one, but its a good generic idea. I expected a little more of a seasonal feeling. The only thing that felt like christmas was one scene of snow. This probably could have been done with any other heartbreak song.  This felt out of place for a Christmas collab.

Track 4: A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas

Ok, this has two different parts in it. The first part gives off the idea of childhood friends now lovers enjoying the holidays. Spending time with the one you care about brings that cheer back, it really makes you feel the love they have. This is a good idea that should have gone through the whole song. Part two is annoys me. It starts of with a simple couple, you think “ok another pair enjoying the season.” Then it shows a woman who seems to be pregnant, based on her actions, waiting for someone. If I hadn’t already seen the anime, I would have thought something was wrong. Later you find out the guy left her for the first girl you see. Dick move dude. I makes me think, is this really the way you would want to spend christmas?! Which is why the first part should have been the whole track.

Track 5: Kidnap the Sandy Claws

Now with my cheer all over the place in confusion, will this pick it back up? let’s see, chibis talking about catching santa…you now have my attention. So the idea is very funny, works well with the anime, and would probably been even funnier if better executed. Mismatched voices are really distracting and confusing by having one character with multple voices or vice versa. Certain scenes are a little slow with the beat of the song. After the song is finished, I’m slightly amussed and ready for the next song, but this one isn’t done? It actually uses the rest of the episode…why? It felt really superfluous, as if it was tacked on to lengthen the video.

Track 6: Carol of the Bells (Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12-24)

Now that the name correction is out of the way, I forsee a fight since this song can go to any fight in the snow. Again, this didn’t feel very Christmas like. It felt like another generic fight thrown in because it was snowing. I get dissapointed at these, yes it is well synced, but not what I should have gotten. Just like track 3, you could replace any anime and it would be the same video. This felt out of place as well.

Track 7: A william Wobbler Christmas

Now about that confusion thing, yeah this video goes full force. I really don’t know what to say, I think if I had seen the anime I would have a better understanding. To sum it up, “You think like a fish?!” Let’s just move on

Track 8: 12 Gatsu no love song

Gackt and Christmas…………well, its the last song so lets see this through. So we are starting off with Christmas shopping, so good so far. The we take a sharp left turn to lesbians getting married and riding off in a sleigh…WHAT?! Did I miss something? what was the relevance here? Maybe it’s the whole being with the one you love. I can except that, but just going from shopping to marriage?!that just threw me completely out of wack.

Overall: The different tracks range immensely from fantastic to just plain generic. Some videos really get you in the Christmas mood, but others are just too confusing or boring. This collab should have been planned out a little bit more. It had potential with the intro but just weaves back and forth to the point of annoyance. It’s worth seeing once in a while, but best to skip to your favorite tracks.