Editor’s Note

Anime Music Videos, AMVs, are a great way for anime fans to express their creativity. Finding songs and anime to combine and create an entertaining video may be difficult, but enough effort will always form something to be proud of. “Editor’s Note” takes a look at some AMVs and gives them a critique of the video, music, technical effects, and stories within the video.

Blame It On 2009: A Good, Good Year

A collaboration AMV between Dr. Faux Pas and Ileia. With a remix song of the top twenty-five Hits of 2009 it would be simple to think multiple anime series will work. The difficult part would be which series to match the many songs. With how many series came out in 2009, some left more memorable impressions. The twenty-five different series gave it a well needed diversity.  The video quality never falters always staying clear and smooth. The many series are very different from each other ranging from mecha , dancing, to just cute little animals. This is a good interpretation of the range anime gave us that year. With so many of the same generic series always being made, to see something unexpected every once in a while is refreshing.

The music is DJ Earworm’s United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop). This song is a nice remix of many songs without being too long or random. The audio quality is also excellent. While I personally did not enjoy a majority of the songs selected, this mix did have me listening on repeat.

Editing is not all about how good you are with Adobe After Effects or Vegas. There are AMVs that are much better without any effects than some which are just effect after effect. This video has very few effects in it, and this is a good thing. This video didn’t need effects to make me pay attention. The flow of the many clips was enjoyable to see. With different speeds at times, seeing the clips properly altered to match the beat was nice. The lip syncing is just amazing, almost making me think they actually sung the song in the episode. All through out the video the many different emotions are beautifully expressed. The only thing that were not needed were probably the opening and ending gag. While the introduction was amusing, it went for a little too long.

It was an enjoyable mash-up for both song and show. It is one I may watch frequently until I burn out, which is a good thing.