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Kirby’s Corner – Games to get addicted to! – Minecraft

As I stroll through the internet, you get bored, and decide to stroll through the interwebs for something entertaining and to be very honest, addicting.  Something to take your mind off of the daily stresses of life, and suck you into another world altogether.  Well these are some of the many examples of  “Games to get addicted to!”

Our first game actually was introduced to me thanks to Camera Guy (and yes, he tries to follow me with the camera all the time…).   It’s an independent project from Mojang Specifications, and is not so much a game with a goal as it’s really supposed to be one of exploration and survival.  Minecraft is relatively simple choice for a game.  From the name itself, you can deduce that it’s about mining and crafting things.  Sure enough, that’s the game in a nutshell.  But what it offers is to be beheld in it’s true glory.  Minecraft is ADDICTING!  So addicting, in fact, that it’s actually taken away from my World of Warcraft time for the last month and a half!

What’s so addicting about it, you might ask?  Well for starters, you mine stone and minerals from the world that’s generated when you first start the game.  You take materials that you mine, chop, dig, or hunt for using only your wits, your searching skills, and a LOT of the time, just plain luck!  And you also have to deal with the natural rotation of your world (in other words, night and day!).

But it’s not truly fun and exciting if there’s no danger, right?  That’s why the game features dangers that can lurk around every hill or cavern you find!  From lava and water dangers, to dangerous creatures such as spiders and zombies!  Yes that’s right, zombies.  Oh, and exploding cactus thingies, too…   But c’mon, what if you don’t want to deal with spiders and zombies?  Maybe you just want to casually mine without all the dangers?  Well that’s fine, since the game’s difficulty can be changed from peaceful (no creatures) to hard, so you can choose what kind of game you want on a whim!

But what about the crafting part of Minecraft?  It’s quite robust, actually, and the game allow you to create all sorts of objects, like mine carts, ladders, body armor, even a shiny gold watch!  The possibiliites are quite vast, and what you can do with them is totally dependent on what your imagination can do with it!  You can even start forest fires… (Note: aniRAGE accepts NO responsibility for your pyromaniacal tendencies.)

So what do the graphics look like, you may ask?  Well the game’s graphics have an awesome 8-bit feel to them, as all the items are arranged in blocks, and it makes for simplistic, yet satisfyingly fun gameplay so there’s no issue of perfect placement to worry about.  Just set it and the game helps you out in the process.  The game is also very friendly with mods, as the game allows texture  and graphics addons, allowing for more detailed textures, including HD textures as well.  Even the game is still in the alpha testing phase, the game is fully operational.  You can even edit the look of your character as well!

So you’ve read this thinking “hmm, where do I get this?  How can I get my awesome hands on this game?  Well simply goto the Minecraft website and play it online or from your desktop (it runs on Java Platform, so no install needed.).  Now there’s a free “creative” version to try out some of the features, but it doesn’t come close to the full version which you would have to pay for (and it’s only 9 Euros too), but it does give you access to all future versions of the game for no extra charge.  So all in all, the value if you pay for it during the alpha is HUGE!

And as for those addons and other information?  Well there’s a wide variety of community website dedicated to the game, the best of which is the Minepedia, which has recipes, textures and more!

So go!  Get the game, join me, Camera Guy, and now our most recent victim of the addiction, Sibby!

Until next time!


Top 5 Comic “Nothing Left To The Imagination” Costumes

Top 5 Comic “Nothing Left To The Imagination” Costumes

These girls are fully-clothed, but at first thought you wouldn’t think so. I mean, it IS comic books, that COULD be a different color skin for all we know. But nope, they are fully clothed. And that doesn’t need to be changed in our books.

#5: Jean Grey – Phoenix

Probably the second most popular red-head from marvel (behind Mary Jane), Jean always seems to be very uninteresting. That beind said, she tends to leave nothing to the imagination, and you got to give her props for having such a huge costume improvement. Whether you look at her “Marvel Girl” costume or her generic “Jean Grey” costume, they are about as bland as her personality. At least with the Phoenix outfits you get something nice to look at.

#4: Catwoman/Black Cat

Straight out of a bondage catalogue, Catwoman has gone through a lot of costumes over the years. And no matter what, she never seems to cover up an inch of her. Yeah, she’s fully clothed. Not that it helps. I personally prefer the outfits where she’s not wearing giant goggles, but to each their own.
Black Cat is basically the Marvel Catwoman. They are both theives, both been frequently hooked up with their respective heros, and both have turned “good” for the sake of said hero. I think Black Cat is all-around hotter, personally, but she definitely doesn’t have the BDSM appeal that Catwoman brings.

#3: Black Widow

To be truthful, I didn’t know much about Black Widow until I started playing the Marvel VS card game way back in the day. And it was on once I went “Who is that Red Head in the skintight suit?”. She’s actually a really cool character, and of course having a hot russian accent doesn’t hurt. And the fact that Scarlett Johansson protrayed her in Iron Man 2 just adds on to the greatness. I’m still unsure if the whole “skintight suit” is the best suit for a spy. I mean, where is she supposed to hide all of her spy gadgets? But in the end, I think we can all agree: who cares?

#2: Spiderwoman

STORYTIME! It was the middle of Secret Invasion. The Skrulls were running wild on Earth. Spiderwoman, who was really the Skull Princess Veranke, had landed in the middle of Camp Hammond, the home base of the Superhero Initiative Training Camp. And up comes a shot right on her, well, crotch area. And clear as day, there it was. Skrull Camel Toe. So if you were around when THAT meme was running around on 4chan, my apologies for starting that. ANYWAY, Spiderman is well known for her “pheremone” powers, but that doesn’t really make up for the fact that every inch of hers is easily noticable with this “full body” costume.

#1: Rogue

Ok, I might be a bit biased here. Rogue is by far my favorite female comic character. By a pretty large margin. That being said, she does wear a pretty skintight outfit. Which is good. When you can’t a girl, it’s nice to not having anything be left to the imagination. And that “coat/jacket” that she wears? Yeah, that covers up so much, right? Who cares, she’s hot.

As I stated last time, in the end, I think all of us heterosexual males and homosexual females can agree: nothing about their costumes need to change anytime soon.


Sibby Reviews Games- Golden Sun Dark Dawn

Usually I wait until I beat a game before I review it. But this time I will make an exception due to nostalgia and epiciness.

Recently released Golden Sun Dark Dawn continues the story of the first 2 Golden Suns. However this time 30 years have passed and you’re now in control of Issac’s son, Matthew (who inherits his fathers latent smile and nod speech powers aka he don’t talk at all he just makes facial expressions). After the events of the last Golden Sun we are told that Alchemy has returned to the world and it’s been saved, except for the mysterious vortexes that render all alchemy useless in their presence.

So far the game hasn’t changed much. It uses the same system from the last 2 for everything. This includes the battle system, djinn system, and the menu system. The only change is that now you have use of the touch screen.

I will say this that the summons are really pretty now due to the enhanced graphics for the battles. Odd that the overworld still looks like it did on the GBA, but only the battle screen has been changed to use the DS’ power.

Any who, so far the game is good. And after I beat it I’ll post a true review.

So be here next time for the exciting conclusion to:

Sibby Reviews Games – Golden Sun Dark Dawn

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