S.L.O.T.W. – New format, same awesomeness!

After much debate, and careful consideration (for all of 5 minutes), SLOTW will actually change it’s format!  Instead of  two or three links, we’ll instead focus on one single topic and provide you with some links in reference to that topic!  It’ll allow me to focus more on one topic instead of multiple ones.

So with that explained to you all, let’s get going to our Sweet Links of the Week!

Everyone likes to dance, right?  Getting down on the dance floor, getting your boogie on, shaking your b- okay you know what I’m saying.  And you’ve probably seen those music video full of choreographed dance moves that look either too complicated or too fast for you.  Well SLOTW features a group that is slowly becoming a favorite dance group for me!

World Order is a group fronted by Genki Sudo, essayist, actor, and retired successful MMA Fighter.  And if there’s any indication of his prowess on a dance floor, here’s his best fighting entrances. And with a 16-4 fight record, it looks like he certainly did have time for goofing off before a match!

After retiring from the ring, Sudo actually became involved in World Order, to which he actually writes the songs, as well as writes the choreography for their music videos (which is easily my favorite part of the group).

The formula World Order uses for their music videos is one of extreme close knit synchronization and precision as well as slow robot like movement…. again, all choreographed by Sudo himself.  This precision for a seven member group is nothing short of amazing, and I hope that Sudo and World Order continue their success!

Here are some of my favorite videos from World Order

Mind Shift

Space Walker

Boy Meets Girl

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