S.L.O.T.W. – Epic Fanservice Poker Night!

So you’ve had a hard day at work, you feel like having a quiet night on the town, and you have no friends to accompany you.  What do you do?  Well why not tempt fate and go out for a quiet night of poker with familiar faces and make some new friends.

That’s what Telltale Games decided to give you with their new game (as well as our Sweet Link of the Week!), a smorgasbord of quiet, casual fun, combined with epic amounts of fan service all rolled into one!  Well what makes this game really sweet, you may ask?  Well it’s the cast of characters that join you at the poker table for some Texas Hold’ Em.  Max from the “Sam and Max Series” series, Strong Bad from Homestarrunner.com, The Heavy from TF2, and Tycho Brae from Penny Arcade.  For someone like me, that’s a fan service explosion right off the bat!  4 great characters, whether from popular culture, or video games, get together and play poker against you!

But that’s not all that happens.  Telltale took it up a step further and included some great dialogue within the game!  You’ll hear some riduculous conversations between the characters, all of which stay in character even throughout the game!  Best of all, all the characters are voiced with the same voices as you remember them from all their games and cartoons!

As for gameplay… well yes it’s standard No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, but the game is driven and influenced by each character’s personalities and mannerisms.  This makes for some pretty epic and hillarious conversations between each other, as well as some VERY interesting game play!  I’ll look into writing a proper review for this game at a later point!

Oh yeah, speaking of which, someone might be wondering where you can get this game at?  Well you can get this fun little game for 5 bucks off of Steam!  And for all the character dialogue and poker, that’s a pretty amazing price!  And with it, you have the chance to unlock sweet items to use in TF2 as well!

And for those wanting to look before you touch, here’s our chap TotalBiscuit playing the game!

Part 1

Part 2

Till next time!


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