Tron: Legacy.. Ive been to The Grid and back.. and I loved it..

Tron Legacy Took 28 years to make.. That’s a hell of a long time to wait for a movie’s sequel to come out, when I heard the previews at Comicon 2009 that there was going to be a sequel to tron I almost busted a Digital Nut. Ive been following the movie’s announcement  since 2009 and up to not knowing there was a discovery of a Tron: Legacy ARG or Augmented Reality Game this year in 2010, on this famous website Discovering the backstory of how Tron: Legacy began through the betrayal comic book as well as the aggrivating controled movie tie-in videogame.  It was quite enjoyable.. except for the videogame, although it had a frustration thing that made me keep going, as I wanted more of the storyline. I had a lot of fun hyping myself up and enduring 6 hours of sleep this morning to do a full review of the movie. And I have to say Disney, You guys did a hell of a job and I swear to god you better make a sequel to this else i’m going to be pissed off as hell, covered in sweet flynn lives swag.. but pissed off as hell. Now.. Lets review the 3d version of the movie! the Imax has a terrible screen but has extended scenes of the grid.. not really interesting enough to pay a extra 8 dollars for but.. Back to the Real3d Presentation!

Atmosphere of the film!:  There’s a huge chunk in comparison of the real world and the grid, the real world makes you go, blah yeah its San Fran California.. but when Sam gets zapped into the digital world, HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS.

They thought it would be smart to film the beginning parts of Tron: Legacy in 2d, hence to add the atmosphere of a normal world but it made a true tron fan remember scees from the first film, I had to keep in me from saying things like ”Hey! its the encom building!, Thats the really big door! ..omg dumont shipping!” back to the seriousness of the film. When Kevin goes into the grid, It takes you on what feels like a 3d digital rollercoaster of awesomeness ,  from the Grid games to the outlands, to the design of the solar sailor to the upgraded tanks and recognizers, MAN it was incredible.. but it isnt all eye candy! we also have a Plot, a Soundtrack as well as a final synopsys to cover!

Plot in a nutshell with no spoilers:  Kevin flynn goes missing in 1989, que 21 years later when you see sam flynn infiltrating encom to prank them and release there latest OS onto the internets.. and jumps off a building to try to escape.. Alan (Bruce really needed more scenes in the film definitely) gets a page from Kevin supposedly, goes to find sam to have him go to flynns old arcade, goes to the arcade, finds a tron machine, tries to play it, inserts quarter, drops quarter, realises theres scratches at the bottom of the cablet in the floor, moves the cabnet and HOLYGODS ITS A SECRET PASSAGEWAY TO FLYNNS PRIVATE OFFICE, continue with sam messing around in flynns office and getting digitized, gets captured, meets Flynn’s Program he created called Clu, and gets forced to play games when he gets tired of them and tries to escape. Que Quorra to help come save him and they go to meet flynns real father, then the real plot begins! and it gets pretty hectic then but it honestly makes sense in the end in a weird way! you’ll have to see it to believe it!

Soundtrack: Daft Punk. New Material. Why the hell havent you seen this movie yet? The fight scenes with daft punk playing in them are incredible

Final Synopsys: People just entering the Tron Universe will enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fantastic action scenes.. but will prolly fade in and out on the back story, The Old fans will have a tip of the hat given to them as they find all the little hidden easter eggs in the film of a nod back to the original tron movie.

If your new to the film series give it a chance and be sure to catch the original film as well! as that is a hidden gem that was made by disney.

All and all, this will be included in my blue ray collection when it comes out so disney can take more of my money,

BUT WAIT Jeff Bridgemas is definitely not over yet! we got one more film to review! coming soon after christmas will be my last review of Jeff Bridgemas this year! True Grit, Nothing better then the Dude and a western mixed into one, hopefully there will not be any pissing on anyone’s rug..

Till next time!

Flynn lives!

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