As one might notice when looking around in day to day life, you night notice that many things are getting smaller and smaller.  From electronic devices, to computer monitors, even cars!

see what I mean?  Now let’s see how many clowns we can fit into that?

With technology and autos getting smaller nowadays, it only seems natural that one might desire to feed their inner giant every once in a while.

And on the note of food, you might be thinking of a big ass bowl of pasta, or a humongous 5 pound burger.  Hell, even a HUGE ass Ice Cream Cone.  Or, if you live in Japan, you could very well have one of these…

Indeed, it’s a GIANT SUSHI ROLL!  And yes, you can get one of your very own at the Umewaka Restaurant in Anjo City, Japan for the low low LOW price of $197 (¥15,000)!  This giant roll of sushi and fish weighs in at a whopping 5 kilograms, and features a fuckton of awesome wrapped up for a party of 5!

Now that we’ve gotten your future dinner (and bucket list entries) out of the way, if you’re still having problems with your inner giant raging out on stuff to buy, I think I’ve found just the solution for you!  Ever wanted a giant pen to sign for a giant check?  Ever wanted to have an epic win at Scrabble?  Dare to run with giant scissors?  Got a huge ass cork board with nothing to pin stuff to it?

touche, internet.  touche.

Well you can satisfy those urges, and MUCH more with the folks at Great Big Stuff!  They have all sorts of HUGE and GINORMOUS items for sale!  Ever wanted a set of big Monopoly™ pieces?  Boom!  Still looking for something to go with your giant cork board?  Pow!  Need to give your cats a reason to bow down before you?

yeah that was my first reaction, too.


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