He’s Getting the aniRAGE Bump #4

Our good friend Johnny C has been doing the internet show “Dose of Johnny C” for a couple years now. And he’s finally ready to go live with his website: Dose of Johnny C!

This dude is funny, and he knows no boundaries! Make sure to check his stuff out! Tell him aniRAGE sent you and receive 25% off!


(note: 25% off may not apply, due to being purely fictitious).

They’re Getting the aniRAGE Bump #3

Our friends over at GigaBoots are experiencing some well-deserved success, so what the hay, let’s add some more to it! They do some extremely high quality video reviews and Let’s Play! videos. So go and check them out! Tell them aniRAGE sent you to get 20% off any purchase!


(p.s. 20% off discount does not exist, as they don’t actually sell anything. Attempting to redeem this discount may result in a swift kick in the butt)

They’re Getting the aniRAGE Bump #2

Here’s another great write-up of ShadoCon 2010 with some excellent pictures. And of course they mention how wonderful aniRAGE is, but that didn’t sway our decision AT ALL.

The blog is called Mission Cosplay. She has put up some very nice pictures, and has even uploaded some sweet videos from ShadoCon, including our Press Conference skit featuring Doug and Rob Walker, as well as EroRaptor. It’s a great time, and an excellent way to kill some time while you wait for our videos to be uploaded.

Come check them out at Mission Cosplay and give them the aniRAGE Bump!


He’s getting the aniRAGE Bump #1

An awesome dude we met at ShadoCon, Gregory Prytyka Jr., posted a report on his experiences at ShadoCon! Of course he mentions our Whose Line is it aniRAGE? panel! Go check it out, he’s posted some pics. And Greg, make sure to check back here, cause we are going to have some videos up soon!