Kickin’ back on a day off; relaxin’ and doing some laundry. Saw a preview for a new movie coming to Theatures called “Splice”. I’m extremely interested to see what it’s about. Also, rented the “One Piece” movie: “The desert princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta”. I’ve not really gotten very into the series, as of yet, but I thought the movie was good and, having originally watched the series when it was being dubbed by 4kids ( I know.. Weep for me), I figured I’d see how the voice acting was.

I wasn’t dissappointed, actually… Except for with Zoro’s voice which (honestly) I had enjoyed previously as the one from the 4kids dub. Everyone else, however, sounded the same or better then the original picks did. The movie, itself, was kinda “chopped up” where they pulled scenes and scene sequences from various points in this particular arc of the Manga; merging it all together to form the movie. It’s not bad, but it felt a little odd having read this particular sequence and then watching it be hacked up and sewn back together in a frankenstein-ish manner… Thankfully, though, it didn’t leave out to much of the important info (although, it was a little confusing to watch people being maimed in one sequence and then be fine or close to it in the next).

All in all, I probably would recommend this to either the hardcore enthusist who can’t get enough of the straw-hat gang, or to someone whom is just trying to get into the series. But, yeah… It was worth the buck spent renting it, so I’m cool. Anyways, gotta dash. Washer stopped and there are dishes to clean! Catch you guys later!