Spotlight Photo 08.25.11

Because we all could use a little more “Awe” today. Expcon 2010 made me realize just how timeless a series can be. I only got to see her for a moment, but this real life chibi of Sailor Moon was too adorable not to take a pic of! Now all together now: AWWWWW!

Want to see your photo here on Catch us at Shadocon, November 11th-13th in Tampa, Florida!

Spotlight Photo 08.08.11

I’m sorry for the lack of spotlight photo this past week! Really, I am! Still getting used to the new job. However I finally was able to pick out a favorite from this past Metrocon back in June. Here is a very Lovely Integra and her very own Police Girl. Hope you enjoy everyone!

Want to see your photo up here? Catch us at Shadocon, November 11th-13th in Tampa!

Spotlight photo 06-27-11

It’s that time of the week again! Here is your spotlight photo of the week. This week we have a L from Deathnote! This one was caught at Expcon 2010 during the cosplay photoshoot. Very rarely do you see someone pull off L so perfectly!

I promise Metrocon 2011 pictures will be up soon! Sorry for the delay!

Spotlight Photo week 3!

Sorry it is alittle late this week. We are still recovering from our trip to Metrocon!!! I’ve been getting the pics from this past weekend ready for everyone to see! Just be alittle patient and they will be up in no time!

So to keep you entertained, I have brought you another spotlight photo! This time it’s Sazh from FF13!

Keep checking back for updates!

Spotlight Photo Round 2!

We are mere days away from Metrocon! I really hope everyone is ready and as excited as we are! Remember to keep your eyes open for Zeke and I walking around the con!

This week I’ve pulled from last year’s Metrocon gallery.  Here is an amazing Gendou from Evangelion!

Also, everyone should go check out Animebelle‘s Japanese Fairytale Theater on Saturday, 10 pm in the special events room!

And now a word from your photographer

Hey everyone! Your favorite photographer here giving you a photo update!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks starting from Freecon, a trip to visit family, then a birthday photoshoot!  So now that we finally aren’t swamped with as much I’m happy to say that we will begin working on getting those Freecon pics up soon!

Also, I’ve decided to start a weekly spotlight photo from conventions we’ve been to. So be sure to check back often to see it!

Until next time, Everyone!