Wanna learn more about your Favorite aniRAGE Guys?

Ever wanted to gain a few more tidbits of info on your favorite aniRAGE guys? Then check out our all new, super special, better than ever, guaranteed to give you everything you ever wished for** PROFILES PAGE! You can click that handy-dandy link I just provided for you, OR you can click on “Cast Profiles” up in the site navigation! Hope you enjoy!


aniRAGE Site Update!

Hello everyone!

In addition to adding Orlando Anime Day pictures to the photo gallery, I’ve updated the old “aniRAGE Pics” section to fit my new gallery software!

Here’s how it works: To see pictures of the aniRAGE Guys performing, click “anirage pics”. To check out the awesome pictures our crew takes at conventions of cosplayers, events, and what not, click “con pics”.

Hope you guys enjoy browsing our galleries!


Site Commenting System Update

Hey Guys, your friendly neighorhood webmaster Zeke here.

Due to some unfortunate increases in spam-like activity in the comment section, registration is now required to post comments. But hey, it’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s free!

We look forward to talking with you guys soon!


Our New Photo Gallery

It’s finally up! It’s a secret project that has been in the planning stages for months, but I finally broke down and started working on it, and today I’m happy enough with it’s progress to put it live online! It’s the new aniRAGE Photo Gallery!

There you will find not only photos of our aniRAGE shows, but all of the events that we took pictures of throughout the convention weekends! Be it random cosplayers in the halls, opening/closing ceremonies, or Fairytale Theater, we’ve got tons of pics up and running!

Soon we will have the rest of EXP Con 2010 up, so stay tuned! And check out the gallery by going to www.anirage.com/gallery or by clicking on the Picture Gallery tab up at the top!

Of course, soon our aniRAGE Only Gallery will be up to speed with the new gallery format, so I’ll let you guys know when it’s up as well!


Server Downtime

This weekend I embark on a long journey across the state of Florida.  I will be traveling from Jacksonville to the Pensacola area (Navarre, to be specific) to move the rest of my stuff into my new place.

Part of this move includes the server in which anirage.com (and livefrompartsunknown.com, the galleries, the forums, etc) is hosted on.  So during this period of time, the website will be down.  I do apologize for this temporary inconvenience, but once I get it set up in my apartment we should be cooking!

You can always get in touch with us via facebook (www.facebook.com/anirage) twitter (www.twitter.com/aniragecomedy) and youtube (www.youtube.com/aniragetherick).  And of course email (zeke@anirage.com etc).

Once I get all moved in and set up, it’ll be TURBO TIME for new videos, blogs, reviews, and what not.  So keep it tuned to anirage.com!


We’re back!

Ok, we never truly left, but aniRAGE.com is back online! Sorry it was down for so long folks, we were having some technical difficulties that I was just now able to get rectified. Look forward to some awesome stuff and some new news coming soon!


aniRAGE on Blip.tv

I know I’ve spammed a bit here on the blog, but aniRAGE has begun posting it’s videos on Blip.TV as well as youtube.  There are two main reasons: 1) blip.tv is a little more lax on certain things than youtube is, because it’s not as well “known”.  2) They play ads, and aniRAGE sure could use the help.

Now granted, it’s not a lot of money, but with our increased convention schedule of the last year or so, and with us needing to buy some more (and newer) equipment, any little bit helps.

So check us out on http://aniragetv.blip.tv and enjoy!  Right now it’s just some of our favorite videos, but we may add in some more as time goes on.


All New aniRAGE.com!

Hey guys, Zeke here. I’ve been working on the website, and we’ve got some awesome stuff. Make sure to check out our picture galleries! Sign up for the forums, and all around have fun!