so the first episode of Kamen Rider Decade was subbed and released today by TV-Nihon. Lets just say it made me happy to see that the premise was like a fanfic on steroids, but unlike a certain other show that seemed like a fanfic made real *cough cough*DBGT*cough cough*, Decade keeps the viewer hooked just from the first episode. Combing every kamen rider from the last 10 years, and putting them in one show Decade is definitely worth viewing even if you’re new to the…

We’re Back

Woo we have our blog back and it’s up and running. Don’t know what really to say here other than we’ll try to post current and up to date information about our next performances. Oh and always stay tuned for our current and future acts of stupidity and genius upon these pages. ~Sibby


It’s been a long time coming, but we finally got the new site going it seems! And OMG, we finally have our own domain name, too! So I want to thank you for visiting the site!  It’s still a work in progress, since we’re still adding the new sections to the site, as well as getting the kinks worked out of the current sections, including format and whatnot.  So please be patient!  For now, if you want, goto our forums here! http://www.therickonline.com We hope to…

It lives. IT LIVES!

Welcome to the aniRAGE Blog.  Here is THE PLACE to go to for news, updates, and musings from the world of aniRAGE.  We will have announcements of upcomming performances, links to our newest videos, our thoughts and feelings on upcomming cons, and our reflections of cons in the past. We are excited to bring you guys this interactive environment for us to meet, talk, and hang out with you guys.  Feel free to check out our youtube account, as well as our forums. -Zeke