Spotlight Photo 01.25.12

Hey everyone! It’s that time again, and I’ve found something you all will enjoy!

I present to you Lucifer from Umineko no Naku Koro ni! This girl was so much fun to take photos of at Shadocon 2011, and she looked so pretty!

See? Isn’t she just pretty?

Ok, You can all stop making that face now! Instead, how about clicking this handy link to see these two awesome people performing in the game “Pillar” and more from “Whose Line is it aniRAGE?” panel from Shadocon 2011!

Whose Line is it aniRAGE videos from Shadocon 2011

You can also check out Doug Walker’s site as well

Spotlight Photo 01.09.12

Happy New Year everyone! I know, I know… Just a little bit late but it’s worth it!

My first find of Shadocon 2011 was this beautiful Black Cat. Not only was she my first photo, but she was also the first cosplayer EVER to give me their own card in return! She was very nice and made a perfect Black Cat. Hope everyone enjoys this Spotlight Photo!

Photo Taken at Shadocon 2011, in Tampa, Florida.
Wanna see more of this fine lady’s cosplays, check her out here!

Spotlight Photo 10.18.11

Sorry it’s a little late! This week I have brought you a very lovely Dizzy of Guilty Gear from EXPcon 2010’s Photoshoot panel. She seemed kinda shy, but this pic is just amazing to me. She looks like she would be a great model.

Ok Boys! Stop drooling now!

Want to see your photo here on Catch us at Shadocon, November 11th-13th in Tampa, Florida!

Spotlight Photo 9.4.11

This pic is from EXPcon 2010 when I took part of a cosplay photoshoot with some friends. You may have seen this lovely girl during the costume contest. Either way, she looked really awesome!

Don’t Startle the Witch!
Aw crap…TOO LATE!

Want to see your photo here on Catch us at Shadocon, November 11th-13th in Tampa, Florida!

A surprise trip to an Ancient City… Convention, that is!

Greetings loyal aniRAGErs! Miroku here, and I have to say that today was plenty of awesome! I and my fiancee, Jenny, were invited to come and spend the day with Pika-Belle Chu at local, Jacksonville based, Ancient City Con (A.C.C. for short) and we accepted her generous offer and joined her in the fun. Dressed in Naruto Cosplay, we joined in her panel and were later joined by Zeke whom brought his trusty camera and Lupin the Third cosplay along for the fun and the off chance fo catching some great gamers/cosplayers in action. A.C.C. is running it’s fifth year and is a hometown fav for roleplayers, cosplayers, and all other convention based enthusists. There were some interesting panels, a nice registration area, a fun gaming room, and a decent dealers area… And, did I mention that all of the above (with exception to panels) all existed in one room? It was quirky, but interesting at the same time. Jenny and I didn’t stay all day, but we really enjoyed our time and hope that they have alot more fun, tomorrow, as the con will be continuing on through Sunday. So, if you’re a local and just want to check out something fun, then drop on by A.C.C. and make sure to continue to drop by and see us, here, at! This Miroku saying,” Catch you all at the next one!”


It’s almost here!

Metrocon is less than 3 weeks away! Are the hotel rooms booked? Are the cosplays done?  Did that amazing make-or-break-the-costume wig come in yet? Well let’s hope for YES on all of these, and get ready to have your pictures taken all weekend!

Just look for a short girl with a big camera that looks like it is heavy enough to break her neck, standing next to Zeke! You won’t want to miss your chance to be on!



A day for Anime come and gone…

So, Anime Day Orlando has come and gone but, we really had a blast being able to walkaround and hang out with everyone ^_^! I took a few pics while we were there which I hope to host very soon! Anyways, we hope you all had as great a time as we had and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you all at a convention near you very soon!


One more day: A Christmas list of Things to do!

Can you believe it? ONE MORE DAY! Just one more day and it will be Christmas once again! We hope everyone is doing well this holiday season. But, you know, with one day left… That DOESN’T mean that you can take it easy now… Nope! There are still AT LEAST 10 more things to do and, as we feel it’s your right to know, we figured we’d let you in on what, exactly, is left to be done! So, here is our list of the Top 10 things that are left to be done BEFORE Santa comes down the chimney tonight!

Top 10 things you should do before tomorrow (as brought to you by aniRAGE!)

10.) Limber up!

Think you have stamina? Think you have speed? Well, you ain’t NOTHING! Not when compared to your 5 year old sister/brother. Our Scientists have determined that, in kids from 1 to 92, Yule-tide hormones increase at an alarming rate on Christmas; endowing the host of such “cheer” genes with supernatural (if not almost Godlike) abilities! So, if you want to be the one to get the “Good Spot” by the tree, then you’ll want to start by getting your body ready for the big day. And, if you haven’t already discovered it, you can always try out the “12 days of Christmas” Workout! The link to which is RIIIIGGGGHHHT here:

9.)Check for “Santa Hazards”.

Up on the housetop, reindeer fall! Stuck is good ol’ Santa Claus! What a bummer it would be if you had to bury 8 reindeer in the back yard or called the fire Dept. to pull a fat man out of the chimney… So, make sure that Chimney’s are clear, roof and walkways are de-iced (if necessary), and that all safty hazards to that Jolly elf and his crew are squared away.

8.)Activate your Anti-Grinch Defense System!

He’s a mean one… Mr. GRINCH! He really is a heel! And, unless you want him to sneak in and steal YOUR Christmas, I suggest setting up a little “Security”. Now, here at aniRAGE!, we’ve devised our own solution which is really quite keen! It’s slick and will do the trick for someone so mean. Start off with a tripwire. Attached to it empty cans. Then, dig yourself a Tiger pit with spikes, on which, he’ll land. Or if that seems to much work, we have yet another trick! Let him inside and when he’s not looking, offer him an RKO like Rick! … Ere, Zeke…

7.)Equip Festive Garb.

It’s the holidays! And, being that means that there is NO better time to make yourself look ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! So, what are you waiting for? All of your local Grocery Stores, “Best Buys”, book stores, gas stations, and peddling hobo’s are selling garments. Hats and caps and holiday underpants! All of which start at the low price of a dollar and up! Don’t have the money or a ride to get to places? No Problem! Just grab an empty box (Or large container), cut out holes for the arms and head, Wrap it (leaving the holes for arms and head unhindered), and put a bow on your head! YOU can be the greatest gift someone gets this year!

6.)Here you come, a-wassailing!

What’s more customary or heart-warming then a group of talentless indivduals going doorstep to doorstep, murdering many a classic and sacred holiday tune? I just can’t think of anything! AND, as a bonus, if you sing “We wish you a Merry Christmas” and get to the second and third verse, you can make demands for Figgy-Pudding… Or, maybe cash. (Note: “aniRAGE!” does NOT condone the misuse of holiday songs and/or Extortion in ANY form. “aniRAGE!” is NOT responsible for any verbal abuse, physical damage, arrests, or any other negative outcomes encountered by any parties whom might choose to do such terrible, terrible things!)

5.)Time for Coco!

After wailing like a cat (and possibly being hit by a boot for it), it’s time to kick back and enjoy something warm. Coco is very customary at this time of year, too! We recommend having yourself a nice hot glass. But, not to hot. Don’t want or need any third degree burns… Or Lawsuites… (Note: “aniRAGE!” is ALSO not resposnible for any burns/allergies inflicted by the consumption of overly warmed cocoa-based beverages. Drink at your own risk.)

4.) Hang out your stockings… And gather all of your gifts together!

Remember that “limbering up” thing we mentioned above? We’ll if you’re just to lazy (or need the extra Security), we would highly recommend goign ahead and hunting for everything that is yours under the tree… And, stacking it all in a nice, neat little pile. Note, this might be difficult to do due to hidden surprises and parents whom will bash you with a spatula if you stop at the tree to long… But, if you can succeed, it will double your ability to get to all that is rightfully yours and plow on through.

3.) Set out offerings to the great “Red One”.

Customarily, it’s cookies and milk for Mr. Kringle… But, in todays bold new world (and with close to 7,000,000,000 people on the planet to possibly visit) Santa MAY just need a pick-me-up. After all, he isn’t called “Jolly OLD saint Nicolas” for NOTHING! So, we recommend that a community gathering should be had through out each city of the world and at every 2,000,000,000th home: an Energy drink should be substituted. We would say “At every home” but, it’s only recommended to drink 3 a day TOPS! And, at this age in his life, Santa’s possibly a little “Caffiene Sensitive”… So, it might just be safer this way.

2.) Holiday Movie Hoe-Down!

Know what’s good with that CoCo we mentioned earlier? MOVIES! But, not just ANY movies. It’s Christmas FOR PETE’S SAKE! Flip on the tube (or hit Red-Box) and get yourself some Holiday films! Or, pull something out of the collection! (Editor’s note: I personally recommend “Nitemare before Christmas”, “Rudolph: the Red-nose Reindeer”, and “Frosty, the Snowman”.)

1.) Stop to smell the Ginger Bread…

Now, I know that there will be QUITE a few of you whom don’t like gingerbread… It’s a play off of an OLD expression. But, seriously, take a moment to breath and think back fondly on all the things you’ve done till now, on all of the great friends and family you have, and the many-MANY gifts and opprotunities that have been made available and given unto you this year. Ponder the meaning of the season! Call up above stated “Family” and “Friends”. Go visit, if you can! And, in visiting, I would like to say that we all hope that you’ll keep coming back to visit us here at! And, from all of us, to all of you, we sincerely hope and wish you a very merry Christmas…

For always and forever,