aniRAGE Site Update!

Hello everyone!

In addition to adding Orlando Anime Day pictures to the photo gallery, I’ve updated the old “aniRAGE Pics” section to fit my new gallery software!

Here’s how it works: To see pictures of the aniRAGE Guys performing, click “anirage pics”. To check out the awesome pictures our crew takes at conventions of cosplayers, events, and what not, click “con pics”.

Hope you guys enjoy browsing our galleries!


Our New Photo Gallery

It’s finally up! It’s a secret project that has been in the planning stages for months, but I finally broke down and started working on it, and today I’m happy enough with it’s progress to put it live online! It’s the new aniRAGE Photo Gallery!

There you will find not only photos of our aniRAGE shows, but all of the events that we took pictures of throughout the convention weekends! Be it random cosplayers in the halls, opening/closing ceremonies, or Fairytale Theater, we’ve got tons of pics up and running!

Soon we will have the rest of EXP Con 2010 up, so stay tuned! And check out the gallery by going to or by clicking on the Picture Gallery tab up at the top!

Of course, soon our aniRAGE Only Gallery will be up to speed with the new gallery format, so I’ll let you guys know when it’s up as well!