We’re BACK! An Metrocon Story…

HOLY COW, was this Weekend AWESOME or WHAT O_O!?!?!? The convention totally ROCKED! aniRAGE totally rocked the house with AnimeBelle and we brought a great show that really, REALLY brought the house down! We had a full audience down there at Ballroom A and more folks whom came in as the production continued. Everyone was AMAZING! the costumes were beautiful and our fellow actors were stupendous ^_^! Seriously, this has me hyped for when we join them again in October for ExpCON 2010! I just can’t wait for this, now!

And, just so that all of you know, I and the rest of my mates would all like to thank each and EVERY ONE OF YOU whom came to watch us all perform. You all are the greatest ^_^! Seriously, if it were not for you, we wouldn’t have had a show or anything at all! Thank you all for coming to see us and we will be looking forward to entertaining you all, again, both stand alone and in corrolation with Anime Belle at ExpCON! See you all in St. Augustine!


Two Days…

Time to roll back the sleves and get the final preparations under way. We’ve had things packed at my house for the last few days, but now is the time to double check items and grab last second needs before we have no chance to do so. God, I am so happy ^_^! Two days left! TWO DAYS XD! Can’t wait to see everyone there and perform in the Fairytale theature! this is going to rock!


t-minus 3 days…

Tuesday, wensday, and Thursday… That’s all we have left to wait for one of the best conventions of the year ^_^! Trying to get through work and get all final preparations completed. Today, I have to find a replacement for my broken Cell (a cheap 15-20 cell would be nice). Also, need to get the house in order so that we don’t have to come home to a mess when we leave on Wednesday. I am SOOOO excited! Can’t wait to see everyone there!


T-Minus 5 and counting!

HOLY COW O_O! Five days till Metrocon! Worked extra, today, so I can get out of work early on Wednesday and get myself on the road to Jax. From there, on Thursday, we’ll be off to Metro and the suspense is killing me @_@;;. All that’s left to pack are the tolietries, the masks (for the masquerade), and any other roadside needs. Speaking of “Tolietries”, we here at “aniRAGE!” would like to remind everyone whom is attending that a little soap, water, and Deodorant goes a LOOOOOONNNNGGGG WAY! Toothpaste, too! So, don’t forget to have plenty of all these items while you attend ^_^. Stay tuned for more updates as we close in… Laters!


T-minus 7 Days and counting…

One week. That’s all we have left! I hope everyone is getting their costumes finished, their parts learned, and their things packed! We’re hitting the road soon for what I know is going to be an awesome experience ^_^. Personally, I finished Grim Jr.’s Scythe today and have just about everything packed. The only thing left to finish is some minor acessories for the Formal Masquerade and WE ARE GO! In the mean time, feel free to chat with us on the forums, listen to one of Sibby’s PodCast, or check out the “Sweet Links”. I’ll post up hre again when we get closer to the day… Again, I can’t wait to see everyone there ^_^.


16 more days to go!

OMg! The suspense is starting to get to me XD! We’re all working around the clock to get ready and the last minute crunch IS ON! All of my cosplays but, one are ready and a few cosmetic items are needed to complete the formal Kimono’s for the masquerade. Also, it’s study, study, STUDY! We’re working to make sure we know our parst and this years Kimono fairytale theatre is going to be amazing ^_~. Do drop by to see it if you just so happen to be attending Metrocon this year ^_^. Well, there is work to be done and things to do! Till later, take it easy, everyone!


Twenty-Two days and counting!

That’s what we got till Metrocon! I’m really excited about this ^_^! I hope you all are counting the days down as eagerly as I am! Got a few more things to work out for costumes and some practicing to do for the Fairy Tale Theature, but I think this shall prove most excellent ^_~. I’m CERTAINLY going to give it ny all and all the rest of us here at “aniRAGE!” as well! We’ll be looking forward to seeing you all there!





Keep an ear out because, in the future, I’m going to begin hosting a PodCast here on site! So, if you have any ideas for topics you’d like your favorite monk to look into, feel free to voice out on the forums ^_~.