S.L.O.T.W. #2 – Electric Boogaloo

Hey guys, Kirby here again, to bring you our next selections of our Sweet Links of the Week!  It’s been a long week for me, but I can say for sure that I’m as impressed with this week’s selection of links as you’ll hopefully be!

And now off to the links!

3-year old gaming future prodigy? – If I were this kid’s father, I’d also be proud!  Our first link of the week brings us a 3-year old gamer who not only freshly out of diapers, but freshly in the gamer chair, showing aniRAGE how much better he is than aniRAGE at Mirror’s Edge.  Stopping only to take juice breaks, we see little Finley’s little fingers working the mouse and keyboard, while dad watches and films on in amazement.  It’s even awesome to see him go around in circles occasionally.  It even impressed Kotaku enough to get him an article on the site, too!

Feeling destructive, ladies?  Awesome! – This link comes to us from a good friend and first time contributor, Eevee! *waves my thanks*  Have any of you ladies ever gotten the urge to destroy your boyfriend or husband’s favorite sports statue or helmet in a fit of rage?  Well apparently, the Chinese have figured out one unique way to quell this destructive urge!  And the best part is that it’s for the ladies only!  For a small fee, women can take a bat and swing at anything on display in the store for 1 minute (Well, almost anything… store employees and walls aren’t allowed…)!

And finally…

For the campfire nerd in a Galaxy, far far away… – watch this, and then watch this, and then laugh while you slowly pull out your credit card to order…

And that sadly concludes our S.L.O.T.W. second posting!  We’re always looking for more links to feature on S.L.O.T.W.  If you have an awesome link or item that you’d like to have featured, don’t be afraid to shoot us an email at aniRAGE@anirage.com and put in the subject, “Sweet links of the week!”

Till next time guys!