Holiday Matsuri 2014!!!

Cold never bothered me anyway

Happy Holidays!

Do you like Christmas? Then this is an incredibly festive con that is probably right up your alley?

There is an awesome con this weekend down in Orlando! HOLIDAY MATSURI!

Once again aniRAGE is a guest, and our photographer will be out and about! For our times for our performance times, make sure you check out the program guide on the website and come see us! Looking forward to seeing everyone there! For more information about our performances and the awesome events from the con please check out the website!

A day for Anime come and gone…

So, Anime Day Orlando has come and gone but, we really had a blast being able to walkaround and hang out with everyone ^_^! I took a few pics while we were there which I hope to host very soon! Anyways, we hope you all had as great a time as we had and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you all at a convention near you very soon!