Zeke’s Top 5 Hottest Poke-Babes

Top 5 Pokemon Babes

Pokemon has some hot chicas, and everybody has their favorites. But this here list is all mine. If you have your own favorites, feel free to add them in the comments!


#5: Flannery

She’s a red-hot red-head in every sense of the world. Being the fire-trainer of the Hoenn region, she lives up to her specialized Pokemon type to a T. Fiesty, fiery, and fun-loving.

#4: Dawn/Platinum

The lead female of the fourth generation games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Dawn is energetic, kind-hearted, and eager to please. Unlike some of the other, more scantily glad chicks in anime, Dawn definitely gives off that “girl next door” look, which makes sense since that’s exactly what she is!


#3: Sabrina (Heartgold/Soulsilver Version)

When we first ran into Sabrina in the first two games, she was just a little girl with a lot of psychic power. Now she’s all grown up, and all for the better. Of course, you better treat her like a lady or she’ll make you dance like a puppet.

#2: Nurse Joy

Let’s get past the fake that she wears that nurse outfit. Let’s get past the fact that she has fifty billion identical cousins/sisters/whatever. She’s a nurse, guys. A nurse. And she can cure what ails ya.

Nurse Joy

#1: Misty (Heartgold/Soulsilver Version)

While the Misty that most everyone recognizes and loves, I’ve always been partial to the older, more mature Misty. Doesn’t help that I think Red/Ash/whatever should always be with his original gal-pal, Misty was fiesty, always willing to show her best, and prove she that anything you can do, she can do better.