Raw is WAR!!! Or, maybe just well scripted…

So, here I am, working on our masquerade masks for metro while Jenny sewed on our friend Eden’s practice dance kimono when Jenny requests that we watch WWF Raw on USA. I haven’t actually sat down and watched any wrestling since Mike Fooley was Mankind and, as such, decided to kick back and watch a little. Needless to say, it brought back a bit of nostalgia to me and reminded me of the day when I and my brothers used to sit around and watch the WWF together. I laugh a little at this now, but back then… Wrestlers were fantastic warriors of strength and supreme determination. As an older guy, it really is noticable how much of it is scripted, but it still makes me smile a little to think about it.

I know it comes as a little random, here, but I just figured I’d throw that out there. Anyways, I gotta dash! Work comes early for me, once again. Take it easy out there!

~Miroku (Monk-Kind)