I’m back

HELLO~ this is Sibby and we (and by we I mean my laptop and I) are back online and ready to bring you all the joy that we can bring to those who read, love, and create cults based around aniRAGE.

Joking aside, I am back online, and ready to podcast and review once again.


Sibby Reviews Games- Golden Sun Dark Dawn

Usually I wait until I beat a game before I review it. But this time I will make an exception due to nostalgia and epiciness.

Recently released Golden Sun Dark Dawn continues the story of the first 2 Golden Suns. However this time 30 years have passed and you’re now in control of Issac’s son, Matthew (who inherits his fathers latent smile and nod speech powers aka he don’t talk at all he just makes facial expressions). After the events of the last Golden Sun we are told that Alchemy has returned to the world and it’s been saved, except for the mysterious vortexes that render all alchemy useless in their presence.

So far the game hasn’t changed much. It uses the same system from the last 2 for everything. This includes the battle system, djinn system, and the menu system. The only change is that now you have use of the touch screen.

I will say this that the summons are really pretty now due to the enhanced graphics for the battles. Odd that the overworld still looks like it did on the GBA, but only the battle screen has been changed to use the DS’ power.

Any who, so far the game is good. And after I beat it I’ll post a true review.

So be here next time for the exciting conclusion to:

Sibby Reviews Games – Golden Sun Dark Dawn