SLOTW – Revivals!

So sorry for the MORE than tardy edition of SLOTW!

I apologize for the long extended wait.  It’s been a tumultuous few weeks, so I’ve been needing to hammer down links this time.  Preparing for EXPCon AND ShadoCon can be hard work sometimes.

Well without further ado, here are this week’s links:

Jetpacks?  On my Spartans? – Since Halo: Reach came out this week, there has been a media blitz covering it’s launch… but apparently, the Britains had a bit of fun of their own with the launch?  Trafalgar Square + Jetpacks = SWEET!

Take a Ride on my lawn chair – MONSTER LAWN CHAIR!!!  And why yes, it DOES breathe fire!

and finally….

Sad, but inspiring story – well this is a different sort of sweet this week, but on a sad note.  One of the popular developers at Relic Entertainment (Company of Heroes) was hit by a car, and died.  But it’s truly sweet when you realize that he also saved his pregnant wife.  He swerved to take the full impact of the crash, saving his wife’s life.  David deserves a manly salute for his bravery.  I salute his bravery and compassion.

There’s a memorial fund setup for Brian.  If you wish to donate, please click here.

S.L.O.T.W. #3 – 3D Glasses not required!

Welcome back to another edition of SWEET LINKS OF THE WEEK!  This week features an all video edition of sweet links for you all to enjoy!   Some

Duke Nukem Eternity – It’s been heard all around the gaming community how  3D Realms finally shut down, taking Duke Nukem Forever down with it.  Well apparently some fans of the Duke himself decided to finish what 3D Realms started, and here’s some video of the fruits of their Labor (Warning:  Lotsa violence and some language.  Might not be good for kids.)  They even have links to where you can even play the game yourself!

Fun with Chemistry! – Being a sucker for hands on Chemistry growing up in school (even though I never took a class in it), I always like to search for sweet videos of stuff happening.  So happens that we have a compilation for ya right here!  From dangerous chemical reactions to a small project you can try yourself, the folks at DISCOVER Magazine have a special treat for you!  (aniRAGE is not responsible for you trying anything you see in this clip, but we do reserve the right to laugh at you if you do so.  Ha ha.)

And LAST, but not least.

Ye Olde Transformers – This may be at least a year old, but it’s still great.  Ever wonder if the Transformers came about 50 years too early?  This is what might have happened.
And that’s it for this all-video edition of S.L.O.T.W.  Tune in next time and have your wallets handy for an all you can buy edition!



I’m proud to debut aniRAGE’s newest weekly feature for the website, Sweet Links of the Week!

This is our newest feature on the aniRAGE website, and I’m here to tell you all about what SLOTW is all about

These are small portion of some of the most fun, wacky, and cool things you can find on the internet.  From news stories, games, to even stuff you can buy, if it’s awesome, you can bet it’ll show up here on our Sweet-ass Links of the Week!

And to start us off, is something that’s… well a little mix between awesome story and awesome thing you can buy. (Warning: May upset young children and PeTA)

1.  Canned Unicorn Meat (And the hillarious controversy around it) – The awesome guys at ThinkGeek have been putting out awesome gadgetry and other sweet-ass stuff for a good long time.  But checking back to their site recently, I was floored by the sight of this item on the website that was released on April Fools day, causing me giggle fits for a good 10 minutes.  It was ingenious, stupid, and just plain weird all at the same time.  But it also got them a lot of attention for a particularly funny slogan “Unicorn – the new white meat.”  Well apparently the National Pork Board didn’t find it funny… the whole story can be found on ThinkGeek’s website.

2. Old Man GaGa – This video only goes to show that just because you’re old doesn’t mean you’re the drag of the party.  In this instance, the complete opposite.  I’ve seen some old people dance before in my lifetime, but nothing like this.  This old man is so awesome, that he even has a couple of young whippersnappers to back him up.

And finally last… but not least for this week!

3.  Street Legal Lightcycle –  ….Holy crap… and you can buy one on Ebay… *grabby hands*

And that about does it for the debut of our newest feature here at aniRAGE!  Check back next friday as we bring you more Sweet Links of the Week!