aniRAGE Toy Talk: Dragon Dagger

Zeke here with a new seriesL aniRAGE Toy Talk!  Let’s face it, we all love the toys of our childhood.  And I…I love Power Rangers.  Still do, to this day.  So when I heard that they were going to be remastering Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and reshowing it, I was excited.  Because that meant the possibility of the old toys (which can go for over a c-note on ebay) getting re-released.

So when I was in target and I saw not just one, but TWO Dragon Dagger toys, I had to get them.

I’ve never had the chance to play with the original toy…at least not for a length of time where I could properly review up.  But these new ones leave something to desire.  Let’s start with the first one.

I hope to get the power blaster soon.
I hope to get the power blaster soon.

Let’s look at the far left one first.  Two words: it spins.  That’s it.  It’s small, not really hand-size.  And when you pull the “trigger” and blow into the whistle, something inside spins and it lights up.  Wee.

The middle one is much bigger.  In fact, I think it’s far too big.  Especially the back, which houses battery and maybe the speaker area.  It’s just bulky.  To make matters worse, the music it plays when you blow into the whistle is NOT THE DRAGON FLUTE THEME!  WHAT THE HELL?  To top it all off, they turned it into a lightsaber.  Don’t believe me?

I’m sorry you had to see that.

I’m not quite sure why they chose this route.  Neither dragon dagger is like the original at all.  The original dagger was nice and thin.  The handle was a decent length, and the blade was thinner and longer.  Then again, the original didn’t have to deal with having a useless lightsaber attachment.

This is definitely a disappointment.  From pictures I’ve seen online, the new blaster is roughly the size of the non-deluxe dragon dagger.  So it’s very tiny, and nothing like the original.  I can only hope that they might put out newer versions later one.

So in the end…very disappointed.