Movies with the Monk: Adventures in “Earthsea”

Movies with the Monk: Adventures in Earthsea

Greetings, movie watchers and fans of “aniRAGE!”. Miroku here and I just had to hop online in order to let you all know about another FANTASTIC Studio Ghibli film, released in August 2010 by Disney. The Story is entitled “Tales from Earthsea” and was based upon the “Earthsea” novels by Ursula K. LeGuin. Now a name like Ursula, when speaking of disney and “sea”, ussually brings up images of heavy set, overly endowed, tentically sea witches, but (thankfully) none of this appears within the story. Rather, Goro Miyazaki (son of the famous Haoyo Miyazaki) brings a world of magic and sorcery to life in a way that only Studio Ghibli has been able to for the last 27 years. The story itself sets you within a world known as “Earthsea” where the balance of light and darkness teeters, precariously, back and forth. Men rule over the earth and waves while Dragons claim sky and fire, but both realms are beginning to fall out of alignment as a mysterious dark force works in the shadows to lay claim of life through fear, drought, and pestilence.

In the midst of this leaking darkness, the story follows the exploits of three characters:

The archmage, Sparrowhawk (voiced by Timothy Dalton), is wandering in search of the reason behind the disbalance that is taking place while policing any and all forces that might be causing the imbalances within the world.

The runaway prince, Arren (voiced by Matt Levin), is fleeing a terrible past and an even more fearful “shadow” that plagues him when rescued by the Archmage and drawn to follow him as he has nowhere else to go.

The mysterious girl, Therru (voiced by Blairre Restaneo), is a scarred beauty with a jaded past whom is almost placed into slavery until Arren intervenes and rescues her.

These three become the centerpoint for the events that ensue and surround them as a wicked sorceror by the name of Cobb (voiced by Willem Dafoe) seeks to discover the power of eternal life… A power that, if discovered, threatens to forever mar and destroy the balance of their world. Additional casting includes the voices of Mariska Hargitay, Jean Smart, and Cheech Marin. It is a story about courage, taking responsibility, and the importance that is found in both the living and the dying. Another excellent film from the same Studio that brought you stories like “Princess Mononoke”, “Howl’s moving Castle”, and the academy acclaimed “Spirited Away” and a excellent starter for what is sure to be an amazing career of Goro Miyazaki. “Tales from Earthsea” is an excellent addition to any collection (whether it be disney, studio Ghibli, or just animation in gerneral) and I would highly recommend everyone watching it at least once in their life.

And, that’s it for Movies with the Monk. I’m Miroku and I hope to be back soon with another great flick (animated or live-action) to tell you all about. Till then, take care and enjoy!