Happy Scott Pilgrim vs The World on BluRay/DVD Day!

Today is the day! Hands down my favorite movie of the year is coming out on DVD and BluRay. Sadly I am poor as hell right now, so i don’t have any spare funds, or else I’d be rushing out to get it.

Wait, tomorrow is pay day. VICTORY WILL BE MINE (in about 12-24 hours).

If you are looking for a recommendation of a movie to buy this holiday season, this is definitely at or near the top of the list. If you haven’t seen it, or read the graphic novel source material, then definitely make it a point to go read and watch both. It was truly a great ride.


He’s getting the aniRAGE Bump #1

An awesome dude we met at ShadoCon, Gregory Prytyka Jr., posted a report on his experiences at ShadoCon! Of course he mentions our Whose Line is it aniRAGE? panel! Go check it out, he’s posted some pics. And Greg, make sure to check back here, cause we are going to have some videos up soon!



ShadoCon 2010 is in the books!

I just got home from ShadoCon 2010. Man, what an amazing weekend!

I’d like to thank Doug Walker and EgoRaptor for joining us in our first-ever 2-hours improv panel. It was already going to be a great time,a nd you made it even more special!

Of course we’d love to thank Animebelle for letting us take part in another great Fairy Tale Theater.

And Chris and the rest of the ShadoCon staff for making this wonderful weekend happen.

And where would I be if not thanking the wonderful attendees who came to ShadoCon. You guys are the reason why we do what we do, and we are so glad you could join in on such a great weekend.

Our videos of all the events should be up soon! So stay tuned to anirage.com!


T minus 1 day…

Strap on your seat belt kids and hold on tight! There’s just ONE MORE DAY til ShadoCon in Tampa, Florida! Most of “aniRAGE!” will be making it’s way up to the convention today while the remainder will be arriving tomorrow evening. In both cases, we’ve got ALOT of fun and surprises in store for everyone at ShadoCon’s first year! So, stay tuned… And, if you just can’t wait, then feel free to check out all of the video’s from past events. Also, feel free to drop by the boards and say “Hello.” See you all at ShadoCon ^_~.

T minus 3 days till ShadoCon…

All systems are raring to go! We’re putting on the final tweaks for our panels and making the final selections for games. I hope you all are as psyched as we are about this! Btw, I know it’s a little belated, but I hope you all had a Spook-tacular Halloween, as well ^_^. Be catching you all here real soon…

Btw, if you just CAN’T wait to see some great improv, then why not check out the videos we have from ExP Con last month? Just an Idea ^_~.


(Edit: Improv doesn’t have an “e” in it. -Zeke, your friendly neighborhood troll. I mean editor.)