SLOTW – Surprises of the Colorful and Sweet Kind!


It is the stuff of legends and has been talked about for centuries.  From Gum Drops, to Licorice, it’s variety is as limited as the amount of sugar you can cram into it.  And it’s culturally universal, too!  Ever had British candy?  How about Spanish Candy?  More than likely, perhaps not, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it!  Take Japanese candy, for example!  Have you ever had pocky?  Not quite candy, but it can give you a taste of what it might be like!  Well wonder no more!  You too can have a sample of Japanese Candy thanks to the people at, they’ll send you a sample of Japanese candy to your doorstep twice a month for a reasonable subscription fee.  Plus the fee includes your shipping!

Since my eyes have been able to look at objects, Optical Illusions have always fascinated me.  From double images, to straight line tricks, to even after image illusions, they’ve shown me how my brain works, as well as what’s possible with the human mind in terms of creativity.  Often or not, I also try to dissect how these illusions work, as well as how to try and fool them (I like to challenge myself sometimes).  However, one particular illusions always seemed to be impossible for me to figure out, now matter how many times I checked out.

This one.

The basics behind this is that tiles A and B are the same color.   Obviously, it’s not quite the same.  I couldn’t bring myself to believe it… that is until a youtube video popped up that showed me that indeed it is real and obviously that my brain needs more work.

Amazing, ain’t it?


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