SLOTW : Food stuffs, and why you can’t eat them!

I know it’s been a while (*coughunderstatementcough*), but I’m back with a brand new SLOTW!

As we all know, chefs can create a plethora of imaginative food creations, from the most delicate and light dishes, do the heavy and fulfilling!  I would know, I work as a chef for a living!  And the limits to what a chef can do is only limited to what foods he has at his disposal, the tools on hand, and the imagination in his or her head.  If this is the case, then we wonder what tools a Japanese Chef in Japan had at his disposal when he created these:


Personally, I think these are some of the most intricately detailed pieces I’ve ever seen carved out of food!  You can see these and more creations here!


And speaking of delicious plants, I’ve been quite a big fan of Plants vs Zombies for quite a while now.  And while it does get more and more hectic, I always did wonder what the reality and purpose of zombies eating plants would accomplish?  Well apparently, the guys at Dorkly seemed to have answered that questions for me!



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