Spotlight photo 06-27-11

It’s that time of the week again! Here is your spotlight photo of the week. This week we have a L from Deathnote! This one was caught at Expcon 2010 during the cosplay photoshoot. Very rarely do you see someone pull off L so perfectly!

I promise Metrocon 2011 pictures will be up soon! Sorry for the delay!

aniRAGE Site Update!

Hello everyone!

In addition to adding Orlando Anime Day pictures to the photo gallery, I’ve updated the old “aniRAGE Pics” section to fit my new gallery software!

Here’s how it works: To see pictures of the aniRAGE Guys performing, click “anirage pics”. To check out the awesome pictures our crew takes at conventions of cosplayers, events, and what not, click “con pics”.

Hope you guys enjoy browsing our galleries!


A day for Anime come and gone…

So, Anime Day Orlando has come and gone but, we really had a blast being able to walkaround and hang out with everyone ^_^! I took a few pics while we were there which I hope to host very soon! Anyways, we hope you all had as great a time as we had and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you all at a convention near you very soon!


Miroku’s Picture update

Alright! I finished all the edits and decided to get to hosting them when I ran into another problem… Seems that all the pictures were taken in HD mod which makes them Gi-Normous O_O! So,… I am now shrinking them to managable sizes. As soon as I get done, I will be hosting these pictures. So, stay tuned! I’m almost there!


Running late…

Sorry about not having posted those pics yet, folks! I’ve just about gotten them all ready to host, but work and personal obligations have had me a little preoccupied recently, Note, though, that I WILL have those pics hjosted here very shortly… Till then, just sit back… Watch a few vids or chat it up on the forums! And, know that I’ll have them up soon!


EXP Con 2010 Videos and Pictures coming soon!

Now that we are all home, safe and sound, settled from the con, work will begin on churning out pictures and video that we took at the convention!  I don’t really have a time table on how long that might take, just because I have no earthly clue!  I’m still in the process of moving and of course there is the whole “job” thing I have to deal with (so inconvenient, yet wonderfully nice to have!).

Most likely videos will be the first up, so as always stay tuned to for info!


Check it out, Facebook-ers!

Miroku here! I’ve been doing some upgrading to my page and have now added pictures of my past Cosplays and some past events for us at Anime Express 12!! So drop on over to the profile, drop a “Howdy!”, or just check out some great pics! Look me up under “Jeshua Cook” ^_~.

Btw, 20 more days to go till Metro!