They’re Getting the aniRAGE Bump #3

Our friends over at GigaBoots are experiencing some well-deserved success, so what the hay, let’s add some more to it! They do some extremely high quality video reviews and Let’s Play! videos. So go and check them out! Tell them aniRAGE sent you to get 20% off any purchase!


(p.s. 20% off discount does not exist, as they don’t actually sell anything. Attempting to redeem this discount may result in a swift kick in the butt)

Kerby is on the “Fritz”…

… And, I must say he didn’t do half bad. I, Jenny, Shaggy, Sibby, and Scooby (Shaggy’s lil bro) all ended up going to see Kerby in the production of “Frakenstein” that “Stage Crafters” presented. It was something that I and Jenny were not expecting (to meet the others there), but it was pretty awesome and the play was very well done. Inside the Play pamplet was a short introduction to the actors and kerby’s intro was pretty swell as he put up props to both us, aniRAGE, and to ashley (Anime Belle) and her “Kimono fairytale theature”. As for the acting, it was done especially well by all parties. Kerby did amazingly well for his Second performance ever and it really warmed my heart to see that the schooling he is taking with this group is really helping him along.

So, in honor of a dear friend, I’d like to formally congradulate Jon Kerby (Kerby) for a job well done! Keep up the great work, amigo!

~Miroku (Jeshua Cook)

New Job and Acting Venues for Moi!

So this week is going to be super busy this week!

Not only did I start my new job this week, but I also have a play coming up!

I started training today for my new job at N.E.W. today, beginning with orientation…. and how boring it was! Hour after hour of presentations and orientations with the company. At least most of it was informative. On the plus side, I get free hot chocolate and coffee for free! Whenever I want! I’m a happy man! (well maybe for the hot chocolate, since I don’t drink coffee!

On the other side, I’ve been busy with getting ready for my first theatre production play ever! (other than AnimeBelle’s Fairytale Theater!) The local community theater, Stage Crafters, here in Ft. Walton Beach, is in it’s 35th season, and my first audition ever landed me a role in the play. So come see me perform in all my glory this weekend and next! The dates are:

June 11: 7:30PM
June 12: 7:30PM
June 13: 2:00PM
June 18: 7:30PM
June 19: 7:30PM
June 20: 2:00PM

The venue is the Ft. Walton Beach Municipal Auditorium on Hwy 98 in Ft. Walton Beach, right next to city hall!

I must profusely apologize in advance for not posting for so long. No excuse, but hope to be posting more things to come and also more on a regular basis. Until then!