They’re Getting the aniRAGE Bump #3

Our friends over at GigaBoots are experiencing some well-deserved success, so what the hay, let’s add some more to it! They do some extremely high quality video reviews and Let’s Play! videos. So go and check them out! Tell them aniRAGE sent you to get 20% off any purchase!


(p.s. 20% off discount does not exist, as they don’t actually sell anything. Attempting to redeem this discount may result in a swift kick in the butt)

EXP Con 2010 Videos and Pictures coming soon!

Now that we are all home, safe and sound, settled from the con, work will begin on churning out pictures and video that we took at the convention!  I don’t really have a time table on how long that might take, just because I have no earthly clue!  I’m still in the process of moving and of course there is the whole “job” thing I have to deal with (so inconvenient, yet wonderfully nice to have!).

Most likely videos will be the first up, so as always stay tuned to for info!


aniRAGE on

I know I’ve spammed a bit here on the blog, but aniRAGE has begun posting it’s videos on Blip.TV as well as youtube.  There are two main reasons: 1) is a little more lax on certain things than youtube is, because it’s not as well “known”.  2) They play ads, and aniRAGE sure could use the help.

Now granted, it’s not a lot of money, but with our increased convention schedule of the last year or so, and with us needing to buy some more (and newer) equipment, any little bit helps.

So check us out on and enjoy!  Right now it’s just some of our favorite videos, but we may add in some more as time goes on.