You know, I had no desire to be there, yet I kinda wish I had been there…

So for those of you who don’t know, JACON had their final convention over the weekend, and while I’ve heard some horror stories occuring during the convention weekend (which other than the flooding, I won’t into), there was one story that was the reason I wish I had gone (okay, two reasons).  This post is taken directly from Wedge on the AnimeBelle forums:

“Oh funny story. Angry Gamers Panel. They initially didn’t let “Jesus” in because the room hit capacity, finally someone left and “Jesus” came in. Jesus played a guy in a game of Shaq Fu, and even though Jesus died for his sins the guys wouldn’t die for Jesus’ honor. Then the Super Gameboy would not work, so they called on Jesus who simply put his hands around the thing prayed and then turned it on and voila it worked perfect. Jesus was totally cool.”

One post directly after that mentioned that the panelists tried the “blow on the cartridge method” but that didn’t work either.

I kinda wish I was there to see this, too.  I’ve seen the Angry Gamer Panel (Which is fun as hell to see, btw.  Go check them out when you see them at a con) before and never saw them have this problem before.

Praise Gamer Jesus!!!


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