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Zeke Counts Down The Pokemon Generations

Zeke Counts Down The Pokemon Generations

With the news of the latest generation of Pokemon games being set to release this year, Pokemon X & Y, this would be a great time to look back at the last 5 generations and rank them from my least favorite to most favorite. This is clearly a very opinionated and controversial topic, so I encourage a discussion of why you agree with me in your favorites, or why you are totally wrong in disagreeing when I snub your favorite!

A few caveats before I begin: I’m going to consider all 3 games of a generation as one unit: if there were issues in the first two games that was “solved” in a subsequent “third game” release, I’ll look past them (though I’ll try to still reference it). I’ll also look at remakes as part of their original generation, so FireRed and LeafGreen will be part of Gen 1, while HeartGold and SoulSilver will be lumped in with Gen 2, as opposed to 3 and 4, respectively.

With that out of the way, let’s begin!

Number 5: Generation 5 (Black, White, Black 2, White 2).
There were a great many things that were unique and fresh about Generation 5: triple battles, unique cities/zones in each game, the first ever “sequal game” to take place in the same region. When Black and White was first announced, I was very much encouraged by these prospects…but once I got the game I quickly began disfranchised by the whole experience. I don’t know if it was the fact that there were no old pokemon, forcing me to memorize a ton of different new pokemon, and I don’t have hours upon hours of school to waste looking up pokemon anymore. Perhaps it was the story just feeling less intense, with the PETA-esque bad guys being incredibly nonthreatening. I did like the designs of some of the pokemon…but I’m sorry, as plain as Voltorb and Muk were….garbage and ice cream? I’ve heard that Black 2 and White 2 are much better than the original Gen 5 games, and with the announcement of X & Y I’m tempted to go out and pick one up to give it another shot, but as far as Black and White go, I just didn’t like it.
Number 4: Generation 3 (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald).
With Generation 2 having taken so long to come out after the originals, and Generation 3 even longer, I never got around to picking them up. Part of me wonders if I would have a fonder memory of this generation if I had played it back when it was first released. But I actually went back to these games after getting re-hooked onto the series with Diamond and Pearl. There was a lot of good in the game, but to me the one thing that ruined it for me was the pacing. It always felt like it was taking forever for the next part to arrive. The gyms were cool, the pokemon were sweet. I really liked Ruby and Sapphire (or May and Brendon, depending on how you refer to them). The story WAS really cool, but again, it just felt like it took sooooooo long to get from one point to another. I spent most of the time feeling bored, and that just took me out of the game.
Number 3: Generation 4 (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum).
Generation 4 was the game that brought me back into Pokemon. I was part of the generation that said it was cool to like Pokemon in college, and I dove in full force. This is also one of the only generations where I’ve been able to own one of every release. I originally bought Diamond, and while I still have the case for it, the game cartridge itself went missing. Since a couple friends of mine had bought Diamond as well, I went with Pearl for round 2. And then I was quick to snatch up Platinum when it was released, which in my opinion is one of the best games in the whole series. There was a great mix of new and old Pokemon, a compelling story, and a great atmosphere. If not for the nostalgia factor helping out my #2 and #1 picks, this would probably rank higher.
Number 2: Generation 1 (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, LeafGreen).

Ah, the generation that started it all. This generation is the simplest, as it was the first, but it also has a charm in it’s simplicity. I know a lot of people look back at some of it’s battle mechanics as broken or unfair, but to me, with how casually me and my friends battled, it felt right to us. Most of my favorite Pokemon come from this generation, and I still have my Red and Blue cartridges at easy access for a bout of nostalgia. Yellow was an awesome variation too, with the ability to start off with Pikachu, and gain every starter (something no other generation has repeated, for whatever reason), but sadly I never owned it myself, but I often played it with friends. Generation 1 will go down in history as the games that started the craze, and the nostalgia will help maintain it’s greatness.

FireRed and LeafGreen were an answer to the inability for Generation 1 and 2 games to be traded to the GBA games. They are polished, improved versions of the original games, and they are just as fun as the firsts. I loved the extra areas they added onto the game, with the 1, 2, and 3 islands giving access to pokemon never available in Generations 1, as well as giving some fresh content to a game that was eight years old. As great as the games art, the classic nostalgia of the original Red and Blue make the a little bit better, but that doesn’t take away from how excellent these two remakes are.

Number 1: Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, SoulSilver).

Released two years after the originals, Gold and Silver were sequels to the original Red and Blue. Unlike subsequent games in the series, Generation 2 were direct followups to the prior games, with connected story lines, and the yet-to-be-duplicated ability to travel to the prior region in addition to it’s home region. With 100 new Pokemon, a handful of new Legendaries, and a gripping story line, Pokemon Gold and Silver took everything Red and Blue did and improved upon it. The characters just seemed a bit “cooler” too. Crystal added the additional Color functionality of the new Gameboy Color, as well as added the first ever Female playable character. The increased interaction with the Unown gave a new angle to explore, and made the games even more of a “Gotta Catch Um All!” situation.

HeartGold and SoulSilver were hot on the players minds ever since FireRed and LeafGreen. I previously said that the nostalgia level of Red and Blue made them seem more fun, or at least “better” than their remakes, but HeartGold and SoulSilver are without a doubt my favorite games of the entire series. They took all the greatness of the originals, and added some awesome new features. The story line was just as compelling, the characters were improved, and the Pokemon, Gyms, and Elite Four were all given added toughness and repeat challenges, which just made you want to play more and more. Generation 2 includes my favorite games of the series, but even without that, is by far my favorite generation!

Well, that’s it! The Pokemon generations ranked from least favorite to most favorite! Do you agree or disagree? Tell me why! And tune in for more blogs, videos, and shows from aniRAGE!

Zeke’s Year In Review – Wrestling (WWE Edition)

Zeke’s Year in Review – Wrestling (WWE Edition)

Ah wrestling. The red-blooded-american-male soap opera. The fake predetermined sport(s entertainment) program where the scripts made up by the points still don’t matter. I don’t care what anybody says, I love me some wrasslin. And 2012 was a good year, all things consider. So here it is, my best-of series for the year of 2012!

2012 Wrestler of the Year – Daniel Brayn.

Question. Did Daniel Bryan have a break-out year in 2012? Yes. Did Daniel Bryan have a solid run as World Heavyweight Champion in 2012? Yes! Yes! Yes! Did Daniel Bryan and Sheamus have an amazing match at Wrestlemania that proved all the pundits wrong, launching his career to new heights? NO! NO! NO! And yet, despite his 18 second match at the biggest show of the year, Daniel Bryan become a world-wide sensation on the back of one little word: Yes! I don’t think the WWE knew what monster they were unleashing when they made that call, but it likely was the greatest thing that could have happened to D-Bri’s career. He went on to have a series of amazing matches with CM Punk, and helped create arguable the best tag team the WWE has seen in a very long time. Daniel Bryan without a doubt proved everyone who thought he wouldn’t be a main eventer wrong. And he’s extremely worthy of being the 2012 Wrestler of the Year.

2012 Tag Team of the Year – Team Hell No

From the minute they started the Anger Management skits on RAW, I knew these two were going to be a great tag team. I was pushing for Team Anger Management, or Team Friendship, but Team Hell No has worked out well, and I wouldn’t have expected them to be so over after those six months. But let’s be honest, would Team Hell No: Friendship is Magic not be a great name for a saturday morning cartoon show? These two have breathed life into the tag team division, and made me actually care about those stupid giant penny belts. The classic “I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!” is often quoted within my circle, and often shouted via Facebook at my tag team partner Jacob (one half of the greatest tag team alive: #SlightlyBlack). Their excellent mix of humor and in-ring ability have crafted a dynamic not seen since The Rock & Sock connection, and as great as these two are in singles competition, I find myself wishing that their run as the champs never ends. And that more means they are the 2012 Tag Team of the Year.

2012 Pay-Per-View of the Year – Money in the Bank

My god did this PPV have it all. Let’s look at the card, shall we? CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan, arguably the two finest in-ring workers in the company, in a no-dq match with the lovely AJ thrown in. Primo & Epico vs the Prime Time Players, two great, young tag teams with tons of promise. Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio, before the feud got old and stale. Ryback vs Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks, The Ryback’s first handicap squash against 2 actual-named talents. And then you had the 2 Money in the Bank matches. The Raw was a whose-who of top-name talents: John Cena, Kane, Jericho, Big Show, and The Miz. And even more exciting was the list of up-and-comers that were featured prominently in the Smackdown match: Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, Cody Rhodes…as well as some great workers like Christian, Santino Marella….and you even had Albert! Money in the Bank provided great matches, saw Dolph Ziggler finally get his ticket to the main event with his MitB win, and we saw Cena go down in history as the first person to cash in his briefcase, and not walk out with the title. All in all, a great ppv.

2012 Match of the Year – The Shield vs Team Hell No & The Ryback (TLC)

Let’s face it, in a year where you had multiple matches from CM Punk/Chris Jericho, CM Punk/Daniel Bryan, CM Punk/Ziggler, Cena/Lesnar, Cena/Rock, Taker/HHH…how the hell was a 6-man match thrown together at the last minute due to Punk’s injury going to top any of those? And then the match happened. You had everything you could ask for in a match, hard-hitting action, impressive double-and-triple-team moves, high-flying ladder escapades. You had some of the best wrestling you could ever find, as well as the solidification and validation of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose as they went over the current tag team champions AND The Ryback. Could you ask for a better debut? This match had it all, and it blew away the competition not only in in-ring ability, but in it’s complete surprise factor. While Taker/HHH had a great story both leading up to, and during, the match, I was on my feet for the entirety of this 6-man, and it not only stole the show, but the entire year.

2012 Underutilized Talent of the Year – Zach Ryder

Oh Radio, can’t get on a 3-hour show. That meme, tweeted by the Long Island Iced Z himself, perfectly describes the year for Zach Ryder. He came into 2012 with all the momentum you could ask for: the internet and fans loved him, and hailed his US title victory at TLC 2011. He was rubbing elbows with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, two of the best workers in the business. He had John Cena behind his back, pushing him onto TV. The future was bright. And then he got pushed off a stage by Kane, and “cheated on” by Eve. His once-bright future was extinguished before it even got a chance to shine, and he’s barely been able to have any TV time since. Thanks to the ruination of any of his stories by Kane, Cena, and the Ho-ski, he wasn’t able to live up to the “standards” that the WWE had set, and he find himself once again buried in obscurity. While his character may need a tune-up (cause let’s face it, it’s getting a bit stale), it’s hard not to love the guy, and respect the attention he’s been able to give himself. Look how many wrestlers have their own “youtube show” nowadays. They can thank the success of the Z! True Long Island Story for that. Here’s hoping that 2013 will hold more success. Do I hope he breaks out? Woo woo woo! You know it.

2012 Story of the Year – The Shield

A running meme on the r/SquaredCircle reddit was the “imminient debut of Dean Ambrose”. Ever since his indy days, people knew that this guy had the potential to be a superstar. He had the in-ring toughness to hang with the big boys, and the mic skills to back it up. But nobody expected his debut to be along side that of fellow indy darling Seth Rollins, better known as Tyler Black. At the time, Rollins was the NXT Champion, the first ever. So their appearance at Survivor Series alongside Roman Reigns (aka Joe Anoa’i, member of the famous Anoa’i wrestling family and brother of Matt Anoa’i aka Rosey) was both unexpected, but exciting. The Shield debuted in a big way, putting down The Ryback, who at the time was riding a huge push as an unstoppable monster. With his only defeat coming shortly after a low-blow from a referee, and the inability for anyone in the locker room to keep him down for long, the fact that these three appeared out of nowhere, and not just once, but twice put Ryback through a table was a huge impact. Their subsequent attacks on Orton, Team Hell No, and more pushed them squarely in the main event, and they, along with The Ryback and Team Hell No, stole the show at TLC, earning themselves my Match of the Year in less than a month from their main-roster debut. The sky is the limit for these three, and they’ve had me anxious to see what is next from them every week.
Well, that’s all for today! What’s that? Why is this called the WWE Edition, you ask? Well, there was so much to talk about this year that I couldn’t fit it all into just one post! Check back tomorrow when I discuss my Year In Review – Wrestling…Indy Edition!

They’re Getting The aniRAGE Bump! – True Geek Radio

This past month at Holiday Matsuri, we had the pleasure of sitting down with True Geek Radio for an interview. These guys are all awesome, and it was great meeting each and every one of them. These guys are Certified aniRAGE Awesome, so definitely add them to podcast repertoire!

And while you’re at it, check out their interview with us, as well as geek-rap sensation Richie Branson, at their website HERE! Our interview starts about about the 1-hour mark, but the whole show is well worth a listen!

Stay tuned for more of my Year In Review tomorrow! And as always, check out our videos and like us on Facebook!


Zeke’s Year In Review – Gaming

Zeke’s Year in Review – Gaming

As any good nerd will tell you, I love playing games. I’ll never claim to be a hardcore gaming, at least not anymore. With so much on my plate day to date, I just don’t have the time to sink 60 hours a week into a video game. My favorite games are those you can kill anywhere from 10 minutes to a couple hours with, and not feel like you “have to wait for that next save point” to go on. So with that in mind, here are my thoughts on the best games of 2012!

2012 Console/PC Game of the Year – Borderlands 2 (PC/360/PS3)

I can’t tell you how much I love this game. The words don’t exist in the English language. From the insane amount of guns availble, to the epic story (complete with heart-wrenching feels), to the great dialog and humor, Borderlands 2 took everything that was great about the first game and cranked it up even higher. This action/rpg first person shooter is a great example of taking some simple ideas and going crazy with them. For those that love non-stop action, there are swarms and swarms of enemies with the sole intent of seeing you explode. For those that love grinding, questing, leveling up, and farming, there’s the badass points, side-quests, exp galore, and raid-bosses. And the great thing is, if you don’t like one aspect of it, you can easily get through the game without it! I’m personally not a fan of farming and grinding, so as long as I stuck to the main storyline (and a few side-missions along the way) I was able to keep up with the rest of the game, especially with a few lucky weapon caches giving me some nice weapons. But every now and then I’ll find a particular boss, or area, that is ripe for looting, and I can’t help but load/unload several times to see what I get. It makes those repetative tasks fun, because you get to blow stuff up! And lest we not forget the amazing storytelling in the game. From the wit and humor to the great characters, this game has just about everything you could want. It actually makes you want to scavage through all the side mentions, just so you don’t miss any hidden nuggets of wit found within an echo log, or a dialog between two characters off in the distance. And not to mention the sweet sweet loot you get! With 2 DLC packs already out, and more along the way, you definitely get your money’s worth. I highly recommend this, and it definitely earns it’s spot as my Game of the Year for 2012.

2012 Mobile Game of the Year – Punch Quest (iOS)

If Dashi did one thing right this year, it was introducing me to this game. (Ok, he did a lot of things right, but you get my point). Punch Quest, or as I lovingly refer to it, Metal Slug With Fists, is a side-rails beat-um-up where you blast through a never-ending level with the sole purpose of punching baddies in the face. Along the way you collect coins, items, and unlock achievements to gain gear and power-ups to allow you to punch more people in the face. It’s as simple as you can get! And best of all, you get to punch people in the face! This game is a great way to kill some time on the toilet, waiting for a meeting, or to help resist the urge to punch a friend in the face. And best of all, it’s free! So if you have an iDevice, make sure you pick up this great game. And fret not, Android guys, it’s supposed to be coming out on the Google Play store soon!

2012 Disappointment of the Year – Diablo 3(PC)

I typically don’t highlight flops in my year-in-review, but I couldn’t let this one go. If you had asked me towards the beginning of the year what game I was most looking forward to, I would have said Diablo 3 without a doubt. Hell, that was my response for the last several years! I’ve been waiting for the third installment of this franchise for a very long time. But sadly, once it game out, I was beyond disappointed. Whether it was the stereotypical Blizzard server outtages, the “real money auction house”, the lack of ability to play offline…I can’t pinpoint just one thing that made it stand out in a bad way, but it did. Perhaps I had set my expectations to high, and I had been waiting for the game for so long, but it definitely left me wanting. And not in a good way. Don’t get me wrong, it was no Duke Nukem Forever…but an amazing sequel to Diablo 2? It was sadly lacking.
That wraps up Gaming! Tomorrow I dive into Wrestling, and highlight some of my favorite wrestlers, matches, and PPVs! See you tomorrow!

Zeke’s Year In Review – Music

Zeke’s Year in Review – Music

When it comes to music, I have to admit that I’m rather plain-jane. I typically listen to whatever comes on the radio, and if I like the song I’ll check out the album. That means that I don’t typically “discover” music, rather I enjoy what others have discovered. That being said, there was a lot of big stuff happening in music, and I have for you my 2012 Song of the Year and Album of the Year!

2012 Song of the Year – PSY: Gangnam Style

Cliche? Predictable? Uninspiring? Maybe. But there’s no denying that this song took the country, hell even the world by storm. Whether it was it’s catchy beat, it’s unforgettable (even if incomprehensible) lyrics, or it’s crazy music video, Gangnam Style was a musical anc cultural sensation, ranging from podcasts to stage shows to even the amazing performance with MC Hammer at the American Music Awards. I know a lot of people absolutely can’t stand the song, but despite it’s questionably overplayed status, I can’t help but hear it singing in my head, and doing the horsey dance down the halls of conventions, my apartment, and even at work. From the countless parodies to the classic original, Gangnam Style is without a doubt the Song of the Year.

2012 Album of the Year – Muse: The 2nd Law

2012 was a great year for music, but I’m going to have to go with a personal favorite here. Ever since I first heard Knights of Cydonia, I was a Muse fan. Each new single and album release gave me more and more reasons to love them, and to me they are one of the greatest rock bands out there today. Their blend of rock and electronica is haunting and mysterious, intriguing and passionate. While a lot of their songs share similar musical blendings, each one is unique and powerful. This is another one of those albums where I can’t seem to find the “skip” button no matter what song comes on. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely great, and it earns my 2012 Song of the Year.
Come back tomorrow, when I’ll discuss Gaming! What’s my Game of the Year? Tune in to find out!

Zeke’s Year in Review – Movies and Television

Zeke’s Year in Review – Movies and Television

In 2010, I did what I hoped would become an annual event of the year in review, where I went over some of my favorite movie, music, and gaming best-ofs. Unfortunately, 2011 became rather hectic towards the end of the year, but I’m proud to announce that Zeke’s Year In Review is back! Today I’d like to discuss some of my best-ofs in Movies & TV. Remember, these are merely one man’s opinions, if you have a different one, post it in the comments!

2012 Movie of the Year – The Avengers

It’s hard to name any other movie than this spectacular blockbuster as my 2012 Movie of the Year. A lot of really good flicks came out this year, but only one made me want to see it several times. The Avengers took all your favorite Marvel Movie characters and jammed them together in this epic story. Joss Whedon, known for his brilliance in ensemble casts, managed to weave a tale that gave everyone ample screen time, and showed off each member of the super-team’s highs and lows. From Hawkeye’s surprise villain twist, to Black Widow’s acrobatic combat style, to Iron Man’s witty smarm, each character was able to shine and show of their personality. Well, maybe not Hawkeye…but there’s always Avengers 2! The dialog was witty and refreshing, and the humor was subtle but full of impact. As with most things Joss Whedon, there was no feed-line/punchline setup to the jokes, it was all well written in the dialog to make it seem natural, and it all came out of left-field. There were things I heard in my second, third, and beyond viewings of the movie that I had missed in prior showings because of all the laughter in the theater. The whole crowd got behind the film and you really felt like you were experiencing magic. So there’s no other movie that I could give this two. If you haven’t seen it, shame on you.

2012 TV Series of the Year – Sherlock

I’ll be the first to admit that, outside of Wrestling and Doctor Who, I don’t watch a whole lot of TV. So when a series comes out that I go out of my way to make sure I catch, you know it’s gotta be good. While I would have loved to pick something like Game of Thrones or even Breaking Bad, the fact of the matter is, I haven’t taken the time to properly experience those shows to the fullest. But one show that I definitely have is the BBC’s Sherlock. With Steven Moffat of Doctor Who fame at the helm, this show is more like a series of made for TV movies, and the added length compared to a standard television program definitely goes to it’s advantage. These shows are witty, clever, and have enough twists and turns to always keep you guessing. Many shows have tried to do a “modern day take” on Sherlock Holmes, from House to CBS’s Elementary. Even shows like Monk and Psyche have taken the Sherlock formula and done their own twist to it. But when it comes to Sherlock Holmes, it’s hard to beat the series helmed by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. If you haven’t had a chance, definitely give this series a watch.

2012 Episode of the Year – Doctor Who: The Snowmen

Despite being a giant Doctor Who fan, I spent a good portion of 2012 dreading the show. Whether it was Steven Moffat’s show-running, or Matt Smith’s portrayal of The Doctor, Amy Pond’s continued mary-sueing, to the gradual grinding down of the mystique of River Song, the 6th and beginning of the 7th season of the premier time-traveling show from the BBC left a sour taste in my mouth. So when the announcement came of Amy and Rory’s departure, as well as the premier of a new companion for the 2012 Christmas Special was announced, I didn’t hold my breath. I was excited, but anxious. I didn’t want to be let down again, as I had felt so often in the past few years. Let me take this opportunity to wash away your fears: The Snowmen is one of the best episodes of the Matt Smith / Steven Moffat years. It ranks right up there with The Eleventh Hour and even the amazing episode The Doctor’s Wife (written by Neil Gaiman, who is set to return in the second half of Season 7). This episode refreshed the entire series for me, and seemed to breath new life into not only the series, but Matt Smith’s The Doctor as well. Before this episode, I would approach 2013 for Doctor Who hesitantly, with much reserve. But after this episode, I’m rejuvenated once again. I’m happy to be a Doctor Who fan, and if you haven’t been able to catch this episode, find some way to do it. You won’t be disappointed!
Well, that’s all for today. Tune in tomorrow when I’ll be discussing Music, and reveal my Song and Album of the year!

My Favorite Sailor Scout? Not so easy!

I’ve seen an influx of Sailor Scouts at conventions as of late. I”m not sure if it’s due to the upcoming re-release of the series or something else, but it’s re-ignited that debate: whose is your favorite scout and why? That’s a really hard question to answer, personally. While plenty of people have their easy favorites, as of late I’ve had a really hard time pinpointing one down. In the past I’ve had my favorites, my least favorites, etc, but over the years, that’s changed. So in this article, I will go down my favorites, from first-favorite and on, and examine why they caught my eye. Now remember, these are just my personal memories of each character, I’m sure others will have a difference of opinion.
Sailor Venus:
When I first started watching the show, the first one to jump out at my and gain my attention, in terms of “oooh I like her” was Sailor Venus. Venus has that “model” quality to her, which makes sense with how her character was. I also think I had a bit of a thing for blondes at the time, as a lot of my favorite characters had long, blond hair (as far as females went). But despite that “model” look, she seemed like a very down to earth character. She didn’t have that snooty preppy personality, she felt like a girl you could talk to and relate to. She was kind, caring, and selfless, and of course very cute. She was the first scout I had that “connection” to, and went “Her. I like her!” While she has lost that “top spot” as my favorite, I can’t say that I dislike her these days, cause you never forget your first.
Sailor Mars:

I’m not quite sure what it was about Mars that first attracted me to her. I think I was going through a long, straight hair phase. There was something about her fierce, devil-may-care attitude. She was a bit more selfish and a bit more “look out for number one” than Venus, and she had that fiery personality that went along with her element. That tough exterior and icy heart were just asking to be melted, and I wanted to be the guy that showed her that while fire could burn, it could also warm the heart.

Sailor Mercury:

For the longest time, Mercury was my least-favorite. I didn’t like her shy, quiet personality, especially when compared to many of the other boisterous personalities that the other sailor scouts had. But soon I started really liking that quiet, calm nature that she had. She was an intellectual, a characteristic that gets much more appreciated as you mature. While she wasn’t as “stunning” or “gorgeous” as the others, she was definitely cute, and could definitely have that “sexy librarian” look that is so appealing. Mercury definitely grew on me.

Sailor Moon:

I’ll admit, for the longest time, I hated Sailor Moon. She was selfish, annoying, loud…no thanks. Now, here’s where I admit, it wasn’t really the character that flipped that switch. Sure, I grew to not be so annoyed by her, but that wasn’t what did it. What was it? Cosplayers. That’s right, cosplayers. For some reason, I saw so many awesome Sailor Moon cosplayers, and my heart melted. All of a sudden, I found myself liking the character more and more. So you can thank your favorite Sailor Moon cosplayers for turning me to the moon side.

Sailor Jupiter:

I’m not sure why it took me so long to come around to Sailor Jupiter. Maybe it’s because, compared to the other characters, with their outlandish hairstyles, zany personalities, or fiery personalities, she is very plain. But that ended up being the very thing that drew me to her. She has that “girl next door” look to her. A tomboy at heart, she’s the type of person who you’d have to hold back in a fight, if someone dissed you. She seems so fun-loving and energetic, the type you’d never have a dull moment with. In the end, the thing that makes her at first not stand out, is the very thing that makes her unique!

When I think of the Sailor Scouts, these are the main ones I think of. Having not read most of the series, and not seen the seasons that weren’t put up on toonami, I don’t have a lot of experience with the outer senshi and the stars. I don’t have a lot of opinions on Saturn and Pluto, other than both obviously being attractive. But that’s a given. However, I do have one final group I’d like to say a bit about.
Sailor Neptune
& Uranus:

These two are often found in pairs, so I’ll talk about them in pairs. Of course the whole “lesbians” thing is insanely hot to any red blooded male, but individually they both have strengths. Neptune I’ve alwas found attractive, and I believe it has to do with her wavy blue hair. Maybe it just reminds me of Bulma (someone who I could write a whole seperate article about), but I always found her very attractive.

Uranus, on the other hand, never really stood out to me. However, like Sailor Moon, I saw a wide variety of very attractive cosplayers that quickly changed my mind. At first I thought that it was just because most of them were paired up with the already attractive Neptune, but after seeing them solo, I realized that the character, despite not fulfilling some of the tropes or stereotypes that I usually go for, was a very strong, attractive character. As a package they are awesome, but that doesn’t take away from their individual awesomeness.

So there you have it, my run-down on the Sailor Scouts. Each one has their strengths, their weaknesses, and their pluses and minuses. Each of those is going to persuade everyone differently. But to me, I just can’t choose. Can’t I just have them all?

Shadocon in the Books, Matsuri on the Horizons.

Hey everybody, Zeke here. We had a great weekend at Shadocon 2012! After two amazing shows, we are all well tuckered out, especially myself, who caught a case of con crude.

But no matter! We are a week away from Thanksgiving and a month away from Holiday Matsuri and Christmas! Busy times, but we hope to have pics and videos up soon! So stay tuned!