James Cameron’s next project is WHAT?!?

So the almighty James Cameron, who you know as the director of Avatar (okay seriously, if you don’t know that, come out from under the rock.) already has plans for his next movie! And hearing that there’s going to be an Avatar sequel in the works, I couldn’t help but wonder what stories would come from his mind. So I went to the IMDB on a random thought, and saw that there’s a new movie he’s doing that’s in pre-production. But it wasn’t the next Avatar movie, but instead there was a movie called “Battle Angel.” I wondered to myself “That’s weird, it’s as if it was referring to the anime Battle Angel Alita…” and stared at the screen for about 3 seconds before moving the mouse and…

*click* Yup, it’s an anime remake of Battle Angel Alita.

To be honest, I don’t how I should feel about this. Kinda funny when you think about it. From one standpoint, one of the greatest filmmakers of our time is doing an anime remake! From another standpoint… it’s an anime remake. Anime remakes have been met with mixed results from critics and the public everywhere. We just hope this one does well.


One thought on “James Cameron’s next project is WHAT?!?

  1. I’ve heard that he doesn’t know whether or not he’s going to make that now that Avatar was so huge. It was kinda meant to be a backup plan if the most expensive movie in history flopped.

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