A Very Special aniRAGE Announcement!

Coming to you live from Tampa Florida, it’s aniRAGE! Join us November 5-7 at the Crowne Plaza for the first ever SHADOCON!

This is a convention that was made possible in association with Metrocon, with tons of great guests coming! Including:
Voice Actors Kyle Herbert and Kara Edwards, Internet Stars: Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic) and Egorapter, Musical Guests One Eyed Doll and Shadowfax, Cosplay Guests PikeBelleChu and Concept Galaxy, and our own personal friend Animebelle!

We have a lot of great stuff planned for that weekend, so make sure to mark your calanders and join these guests and aniRAGE!

Check out ShadoCon’s website at http://www.shadocon.com and as always, stay tuned to aniRAGE.com for more great news!

One thought on “A Very Special aniRAGE Announcement!

  1. I’m really lookingforward to going to this and getting to see everyone! This should be amazing! Anyone who goes is TOTALLY in for a treat!


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