Another Glorious day to be alive…

That is indeed today. Nothing particularly special going on… Just glad to be here. Went and watched “How to Train your Dragon” again. This time, I and Jenny were accompanied by Duo and Evey (whom hadn’t seen the movie yet). It wasn’t in 3-d this time, but it was much more enjoyable to watch outside of it (in my opinion). The story is really cute and awesome and I really enjoyed having my love and a few of my family members with me. Also started work on the Grim Jr. Prostetic for Metro AND just about finished our masquerade masks. Just need to push Jenny to get my Kimono done, now. Speaking of Kimono’s: TOTALLY looking forward to the fairy tale theature which we are all going to be apart of again. Not sure what new stories we’ll be presenting, but I’m excited to see what new and fresh ideas Anime Belle has cooked up for this! Well, before this sounds anymore like a diary entry, I’ll be saying my farewells for now. Catch you guys on the flip side and keep your eyes pinned for more video’s and commentary from us here at!


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