Happy 2015 Guys!

It’s 2015, and we’re almost a month into the new year! Things are going to be pretty hectic over the next few months, but here at aniRAGE we’ve got some neat things we’re going to try and bring you this year. Going to be working on updating the gallery so that we can get better quality photos in addition to our Facebook page, and who knows, maybe we’ll even be able to put out a few videos for you all to enjoy! Some things are still in the planning stages, but we’ll be working to bring you some new exciting things soon!

It’s almost here!

Metrocon is less than 3 weeks away! Are the hotel rooms booked? Are the cosplays done?  Did that amazing make-or-break-the-costume wig come in yet? Well let’s hope for YES on all of these, and get ready to have your pictures taken all weekend!

Just look for a short girl with a big camera that looks like it is heavy enough to break her neck, standing next to Zeke! You won’t want to miss your chance to be on anirage.com!



Hey everybody!

It’s me, again! I noticed it’s been a few since I last wrote anything, so I figured I’d just hop on and say,”Howdy!” Not much going on in my scene. Still goofing around with the folks from W.O.T.S. and just got done with a great pre-con practice for FreeCon (can’t wait till the guys post our practice runs of a new game we’re trying out). Also, my Fiancee has just picked out her wedding dress and has been bubbly about it ever since (That’s right! Everyone’s favorite monk IS set to be getting married this year. Sorry to have broken any of your hearts…).

That’s about the it of it, for me. I’m really looking forward to FreeCon and then to being able to see everyone at Metro, Exp, Shado, and every/any con/event we’ll be attending. So, watch out for us and for more awesome content here on the site! Catch you all later!


Jericho-Con: A Report

This past weekend, I got to me one of my fav-o-rite wrasslers of all time: Chris Jericho. He was awesome. I got him to sign not only his book, but his DVD, both the case and the jacket. Now I get to give it to someone as a gift, and they get to have Jericho’s autograph as well! Yay presents! Speaking of presents, I even got him to “talk to” Kayla through my camera, so I got to bring her home a present too.

The rest of the weekend was a fun hang-out time in Tampa. I got to see the South Florida aniRAGE Crew (SFaC), consisting of Dashi, Sibby, and Shaggy (and Dashi’s girlfriend of course). We had an awesome time hanging out and experiencing some cool food places that I don’t have up here in Jacksonville.

The coolest (both figuratively and literally) was Yogurt Mountain. It is a yogurt bar where you get to pick your own flavor(s) of yogurt, self serve, and add in your own toppings, and then pay a “by the weight” price. They had all sorts of flavors, from fruity sorbet flavors to cake batter and peanut butter. And the toppings, oh the toppings! From cereals to sprinkles to fruit and candy, just about everything you could imagine. Myself, I went with cookies and cream, mint pieces, followed by vanilla with sprinkles and hot fudge. SO. GOOD.

We also went to a local burger joint called BurgerMonger. They take awesome kobe beef and make amazing burgers with it. It’s a little pricey, but damn is it good!

Needless to say, I felt a lot fatter after that day!

Saturday I made my first trip to Ybor City, but it was so packed that Dashi and I decided to try again another day. All we really wanted to do was check out GameWorks, but that’ll have to be for another trip.

Sunday was a fun time, since I got to hang out with a good friend of mine from Orlando, Sam. It’s all her fault that I got super-duper back into Power Rangers and Dragonball Z. She was even the first person to introduce me to Bleach and Naruto, before it was cool over here (now it’s too mainstream ~Hipster Zeke). I even got to meet the dude who created Metrocon and sit around talking about conventions. Was a fun time, and I can’t wait for the next time I get to make a trip down to Tampa.

The next big trip? MegaCon in Orlando! I’ll be there, will you?


Aaaand We’re Back!

Evening everyone your fellow aniRAGEr Dashi here with a update. Why? Because why not! It’s time for a weekly review of stuff Dashi saw on the internet, as well as stuff he rented through netflix as well as gamefly! So here we go!

The Internets:

Gorillaz Offical Video for Doncamatic: The first time I heard the mp3 I thougt man that female was a good singer! …And then I saw the video, boring, going through the sea, references to the Plastic Beach album, patiently waiting for Rhinestone Eyes. 3.5 out of 5 since I like the song.

Hyperbole and a Half: I thank Vicki for finding me this website, I have never laughed so hard in my life. I think I’m sick again. Dammit.

Lol-Comics: If you have not read these yet, go do so, its a great comic.

Damn you auto-correct!: For those droid / Iphone mess ups when you have autocorrect.

Netflix Movies I rented:

Shutter Island: Amazing movie, better then Deception 5 stars!

Sherlock Holmes: Good movie with Johnny Derp Robert Downey Jr. but felt slightly rushed, hoping for a sequel 4 stars out of five.

Alice in Wonderland: Not too bad but not too terrible a kids movie that felt like it was more for adults. A bit of gore and nastiness but for the adults it was pretty decent,4 stars out of five.

Clash of the titans: I’ve seen both versions and honestly the older version was amazing and was a bit longer but the new version was more of a manly edition, and had a few weird flaws in the story. 3 out of five stars.

And on to the gamefly games ive rented!

Metroid Other M: …felt like a movie more then a metroid game. If I ever play another metroid game again I’m hoping it is as awesome as the games they had on the GBA 2 stars out of five.

Red Dead Redemption : …nope cant seem to get into Sandbox Games at all 2 stars out of five.

Grand theft auto – Liberty city stories : I think I grew so old I couldn’t get into the story lines they had 2 stars out of five.

Front Mission evolved: …ugh I prefer Front Mission 3 in my humble opinion – 1 out of five.

WWE smackdown Vs Raw 201: Decently made wrassler 4 stars out of five.

Punch-Out!: Holy gods, If you loved super punch out for the wii you’ll love this remake for the wii! 5 out of 5 stars!

Call of Duty: Black Ops – haven’t gotten it in the mail yet but I tend to oddly enough like the singleplayer of Call of duty, but not big in the multiplayer, 4 out of 5 stars.

And that’s it! till next time Bloggers! 😀

..ok funny photo time.

Ahh nevermind, Ill get you guys a good one or a funny clip next time!


Have monster? Will register!

So,… Like most of us, I got back from ShadoCon, a couple of days ago, and have been busy catching up on work ever since… As such, I hadn’t had alot of time to catch up on things until last night when I found I had a message from a dear friend. In the letter, he told me about something he thought I might find interesting… And a link… Kinda like this one:


I clicked on the link and was instantly swept away to the S.R.A.’s website. What is the S.R.A., you may ask? Well, if you haven’t already clicked the link above, then I’ll tell you that it stands for the Supernatural Registration Authority. According to the website, beings both Supernatural and Mystic are being required to Register with this organization which offers a certificate of registration for all those whom do so. It’s a fairly fun site with lots of humorous pictures, some interesting plot, and is kept like an actual goverment site. It was pretty cool to look at and, hey, I couldn’t help but to register my “alter Ego” on the site.

Anyways, if you’re bored and want to laugh or, perhaps, if you really are a Vampire or zombie; this is a site well worth checking into.


Something Gaia this way comes…

So,… Yes, I am a Gaia-Tard and (Yes) I’m goofing off with the Halloween stuff on Gaia. However, I have found something quite humorous in my Gaian “trick or Treating” Throughout the gaia avatar shops, the shop keepers are dressed up in costumes. Favorite characters are dressed in everything ranging from Goku and Major Kusanagi to Mrs. The monarch and Pikachu XD! It’s really funny and kinda fun to try to figure everyones costumes out and, if you’re bored and have a Gaia account; I would recommend checking it out ^_~.

Also, we have about 8 more days till ShadoCon! Woot!


A Place to Call My Own

So for the first time EVER, I have had a place I could hang my hat and call my own.

About a month and a half ago, I moved to Jacksonville, away from my old job, my house, my parents, and sadly my girlfriend. I had been living with a friend while I looked for my own place, and this past week it finally happened. I signed my name on the dotted line, and I have my own apartment! Of course, it’ll only be my own for about a week, that’s when the girlfriend moves in (which is farking awesome!).

It’s nice to have some more freedom with, well, everything. Put shit where I want, arrange shit how I want! And that just opens up a new realm of possibilities for videos, too!

Sadly, it’s rather unfurnished at the moment, but expect a par-tay to crop up in a few weeks, once I can get all of my stuff moved in!


Back online and in Jacksonville!

OMG O_O! We’re back in business, folks ^_^! Glad that Zeke got the system back up and operational ^_~. Anyways, like the title suggests, I’ve finally found my way over to jacksonville and, let me tell you, this place is HUGE O_O! I haven’t even covered a third of this city yet and I’m already overwhelmed XD! All the saame, though, iut’s home now and I’m really glad to be here n_n.

Anyways, expect more soon from us here at aniRAGE and, with any luck, I’ll be getting a new mic here soon and will start doing some webcast ^_~. Much love to all of you crazy cats (and people, too ^_~).