The end of a journey: Full Metal Alchemist reaches it’s end

… And I have to say that it was a very amazing manga series with a very amazing ending. I am EXTREMELY happy that I chose to go back, after watching the Anime and the movie, to read the manga. 108 chapters (30 pages per chapter) filled with amazing story, touching characters, and extremely well written story… What more could you ask for? In short, this series was both fantastic in it’s art and immaculant in it’s telling. For most of the characters, I think it ended well. I was sad about the end of one or two of the cast, but they were still well written ends. All in all, I think I’d like to throw it up there on a pedistal along side of Trigun, Ruroni Kenshin, Inuyasha, and Elfen Lied for all time Favorite Series. It was simply fantastic and I highly recommend that if anyone hasn’t read FmA yet, that they should pick up on it now! Seriously awesome! I can’t wait to see what great story arisawa comes out with next!


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