Dashi is not dead! : He’s thrown on a leather racing jacket and has revved it up with a review on the hit anime movie REDLINE

To be honest the last anime series that I watched was Panty and Stocking and that was a fantastic series. Afterwards I sort of went into a huge anime drought and I could get into any new anime’s like Tiger and Bunny or Madoka magica. After months of trying it seemed that I have been cured by famous anime company Mad House. Fantastic anime from the same group who did Trigun, Gungrave, and Chobits? Now you REALLY have my attention!

Redline follows the story of “Sweet” JP – A man with a retro sense of fashion, waves of fans, and tends to have spectacular crashes towards the end of his races. Paid off by the mob for all of his lost races and being on the verge of giving up his dream, he gets voted onto the next stage and gets to compete in the Redline, a vicious race that is held in Roboworld, where if you lose the race you lose more then your car… you lose your LIFE.

Redline is set to release on dvd and blu-ray in november of this year and there are a few theaters that have been showing this film. If you happen to get a chance you have GOT to see this movie. The animation is unique and it took 7 years of production to make this film. The reviews are awesome and I love how Thomas Zoth of Mania.com said “if Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World was a assault on the senses.. Then Redline is a declaration of war.”

10/10 – Go See this if you can, if not add it to your collection of you want awesome anime to show off to your friends.. This movie is LITERALLY Speed Racer.. on CRACK!

Zeke’s Top 5 Hottest Poke-Babes

Top 5 Pokemon Babes

Pokemon has some hot chicas, and everybody has their favorites. But this here list is all mine. If you have your own favorites, feel free to add them in the comments!


#5: Flannery

She’s a red-hot red-head in every sense of the world. Being the fire-trainer of the Hoenn region, she lives up to her specialized Pokemon type to a T. Fiesty, fiery, and fun-loving.

#4: Dawn/Platinum

The lead female of the fourth generation games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Dawn is energetic, kind-hearted, and eager to please. Unlike some of the other, more scantily glad chicks in anime, Dawn definitely gives off that “girl next door” look, which makes sense since that’s exactly what she is!


#3: Sabrina (Heartgold/Soulsilver Version)

When we first ran into Sabrina in the first two games, she was just a little girl with a lot of psychic power. Now she’s all grown up, and all for the better. Of course, you better treat her like a lady or she’ll make you dance like a puppet.

#2: Nurse Joy

Let’s get past the fake that she wears that nurse outfit. Let’s get past the fact that she has fifty billion identical cousins/sisters/whatever. She’s a nurse, guys. A nurse. And she can cure what ails ya.

Nurse Joy

#1: Misty (Heartgold/Soulsilver Version)

While the Misty that most everyone recognizes and loves, I’ve always been partial to the older, more mature Misty. Doesn’t help that I think Red/Ash/whatever should always be with his original gal-pal, Misty was fiesty, always willing to show her best, and prove she that anything you can do, she can do better.


The end of a journey: Full Metal Alchemist reaches it’s end

… And I have to say that it was a very amazing manga series with a very amazing ending. I am EXTREMELY happy that I chose to go back, after watching the Anime and the movie, to read the manga. 108 chapters (30 pages per chapter) filled with amazing story, touching characters, and extremely well written story… What more could you ask for? In short, this series was both fantastic in it’s art and immaculant in it’s telling. For most of the characters, I think it ended well. I was sad about the end of one or two of the cast, but they were still well written ends. All in all, I think I’d like to throw it up there on a pedistal along side of Trigun, Ruroni Kenshin, Inuyasha, and Elfen Lied for all time Favorite Series. It was simply fantastic and I highly recommend that if anyone hasn’t read FmA yet, that they should pick up on it now! Seriously awesome! I can’t wait to see what great story arisawa comes out with next!