One thought on “Zeke Vlog: WWE Fatal 4-Way

  1. LOL! Wow… You certainly seem flustered by this. I just started watching bits and pieces with Jenny, myself, but when I saw advertising for this “fatal 4-way” and the “NXT grads” showing up in the show, each show, for the last 2 or 3… I kinda guessed something cock-a-mammie would occur invovling them. I prayed that the writers would have something better in mind, but I figured that they would have a role to play in one aspect or another. It was FAR to predictable.

    I have to say, though… Shamus (or however you spell it) DOES indeed look like a flaming-haired Michelin man… And the crack about them trying to take his “Lucky charms” was awesome XD. In closing, though, I have to say that I’m really sorry it was such a let-down for ya. With any luck, perhaps the writers will go back and make a truely interesting storyline with all of this and bring in some really awesome performances… Next time on RAW! … Sorry ^_^. Couldn’t resist!


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