Something Gaia this way comes…

So,… Yes, I am a Gaia-Tard and (Yes) I’m goofing off with the Halloween stuff on Gaia. However, I have found something quite humorous in my Gaian “trick or Treating” Throughout the gaia avatar shops, the shop keepers are dressed up in costumes. Favorite characters are dressed in everything ranging from Goku and Major Kusanagi to Mrs. The monarch and Pikachu XD! It’s really funny and kinda fun to try to figure everyones costumes out and, if you’re bored and have a Gaia account; I would recommend checking it out ^_~.

Also, we have about 8 more days till ShadoCon! Woot!


Countdown to ShadoCon has begun!

9 more days, folks! That’s ALL we have till aniRAGE! storms into the Crown Plaza Hotel and gives you the funniest (and the funnest) weekend you’ve had all year! Our tireless members are working hard to prepare some great panels for you all and “Whose Line is it, aniRAGE?” is going to be the definative for amazing shows! if you only go to see one Improv. Comedy show before the year is out: Then make sure that you come and see us, LIVE! We’re really anxious to perform and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you all there ^_^!


Our New Photo Gallery

It’s finally up! It’s a secret project that has been in the planning stages for months, but I finally broke down and started working on it, and today I’m happy enough with it’s progress to put it live online! It’s the new aniRAGE Photo Gallery!

There you will find not only photos of our aniRAGE shows, but all of the events that we took pictures of throughout the convention weekends! Be it random cosplayers in the halls, opening/closing ceremonies, or Fairytale Theater, we’ve got tons of pics up and running!

Soon we will have the rest of EXP Con 2010 up, so stay tuned! And check out the gallery by going to or by clicking on the Picture Gallery tab up at the top!

Of course, soon our aniRAGE Only Gallery will be up to speed with the new gallery format, so I’ll let you guys know when it’s up as well!


S.L.O.T.W. – Hungry Edition!!! (Japan Flavored)

Welcome to a japanese food editon of SLOTW!

You may be all aware, we’re always munching on all kinds of food.  And one of my favorite kinds of food happens to come from Japan!  And THAT is exactly what this SLOTW’s is all about!

So to kick it off:

Say you have a craving for sushi, but can’t exactly find time to goto a restaurant or make one yourself?  Then grab a Sushi Popper for on the go snackage!   This sushi in a convenient package has pre-cut sushi in a tube that you push up like a push pop.  At the moment, Sushi Poppers comes in 3 different flavors, Cucumber, California, and Spicy Shrimp.  Craving for a taste?  Then feel free to order Sushi Poppers online!

So what happens when your friends at the mall, and you find yourself in the food court?  Of course, you have a lot to choose from.  From healthy food shops, to chicken sammiches.  But then something catches your eye…. something like Pizza on a cone! A restaurant in Japan actually makes cone shaped pizza that you eat like an ice cream cone!  No muss, no fuss, right?

And what would your day of eating be complete without something to wash it all down?  Well look no further than Wasabi Beer! The folk from Miyamoto beer have come up with Wasabi Beer, a spicy infused beer with a powerful Wasabi kick to it!

P.S.:  What good would dinner truly be without a date to accompany you?

That’s all for the SLOTW!  See you next time!


Sibby Reviews – Enslaved: Journey to the West

I just beat Enslaved. All in all it was a pretty good game.

The visuals were stunning, the combat was slow at first but easily picked up, controls were simple, no uber combos, just hit hard and hit harder.

The story starts off as Monkey sees Trip escaping from a slave ship, he too soon escapes and chases after her. Eventually ending up on the outside of her escape pod. After the pod launches they crash and monkey passes out. When he comes to he finds himself with a slave headband on and Trip telling him that if he takes her home, she will set Monkey free. This begins the story which I won’t spoil for anyone.

After playing the game I will say that it makes for a much better book than a game. Not saying that the game is bad, it’s just that there could be more story details if it was written down.

Rediscovering Old Music

Now that my desktop is back in my possession, I decided to scour my often overlooked music folder.  I don’t have a huge music collection, but it does stretch back to my highschool days in some places.  With my MP3 player now being 16 gigs instead of 4gb, it was time to update the music on it.  (When I first got it a couple months ago I just transfered everything from the old one to the new one).

One little treasure that I rediscovered buried deep in the music folder was the Black and Blue album.  Not just any Black and Blue album though, a very specific one.  One that wasn’t released in stores.  Let me give some backstory.

Back in 2003 when Jay-Z released his Black Album, he also released a vocals-only version of it, to encourage mixes and mashups with his lyrics.  One of the more popular mashups to come out of this movement was The Grey Album, which put Jay Z rapping over The Beatles.  MTV would later “mash up” Jay Z and Linkin Park, but both bands had a hand in that one, while most of the others were done independently of either of the utilized talent.

The Black and Blue album combined Jay Z’s “The Black Album” with Weezer’s Self-Titled CD, often called “The Blue Album”.  Most wouldn’t think that either of these artists would make a good collaboration, and indeed some of the songs don’t fit together very well.  But when they do, which ends up being a majority of the songs, then it’s just audible awesomeness.

My personal favorite is the track “Encore for Wayne”.  When I first discovered this, I used to play it over and over to drive my buddy Cliff batshit insane, because he was such a huge Weezer fan and hated to hear it “ruined by Jay-Z”.  Bah I say!  It sounds awesome and I don’t care!

If you are a fan of either Jay-Z or Weezer, and even better both, then go check it out!  The “band” who makes the album is called Jay-Zeezer, and you can find the album, which was made by the “DJ” who goes by Mike, and by the DJ name “Uh…Mike”, over at It really is awesome, and Mike goes into what went behind creating the album (or as he puts it, “The Story of How an Indie Rocker Learned to Love Like Rap Music”).

I’m sure as I dig deeper into this collection I’ll find more and more gems from the way-back machine.  Until next time!



Sorry that’s pretty much how my entire weekend went.. Greetings everyone! Dashi Here, Good to hear from you all, Manime is in effect right now! and to all who saw it during expcon well that was a test run, fun clips, good chats.. and fantastic suggestions.. to which I am modding Manime again into more of a Alphabet guide to manlyness, plus powerpoint presentation! Me and sibby are working on it right now so I hope to see you guys at Shadocon for our finished product!