Server Downtime

This weekend I embark on a long journey across the state of Florida.  I will be traveling from Jacksonville to the Pensacola area (Navarre, to be specific) to move the rest of my stuff into my new place.

Part of this move includes the server in which (and, the galleries, the forums, etc) is hosted on.  So during this period of time, the website will be down.  I do apologize for this temporary inconvenience, but once I get it set up in my apartment we should be cooking!

You can always get in touch with us via facebook ( twitter ( and youtube (  And of course email ( etc).

Once I get all moved in and set up, it’ll be TURBO TIME for new videos, blogs, reviews, and what not.  So keep it tuned to!



While we’re waiting on Zeke to get the pictures and videos up from our latest venue (EXP III), I just wanted to take a chance to say thank you, once again, to all of the people whom support us and all the wonderful awesome folks whom come to the site and watch our videos and stuff. You guys are REALLY awesome and I thank God for this high privalege (he has given us) to be able to perform for ALL of you! And, also, I am ALWAYS thankful to all the people whom support us: To Ashley Clark and the rest of “Anime Belle”, to Pika Belle Chu and company, To the convention(s) and their staff, AND a very large “Thank you” to our “behind the scenes” people. To Shaggy, Vicky, Shella, Eden, and Jenny… People whom tirelessly seek to assist us in the beginings, inbetweens, and endings with EVERYTHING from playing camera man to taking photos to helping us practice our improv and providing us with encouragement and strength to get out there. To you guys, I just want to say,”Thank you.” From the very bottom of my heart, I do. Love all of you guys and, everyone, stay tuned! We’ll be hosting all of the pics we took, the videos, and more fun things here soon ^_^!


EXP Con 2010 Videos and Pictures coming soon!

Now that we are all home, safe and sound, settled from the con, work will begin on churning out pictures and video that we took at the convention!  I don’t really have a time table on how long that might take, just because I have no earthly clue!  I’m still in the process of moving and of course there is the whole “job” thing I have to deal with (so inconvenient, yet wonderfully nice to have!).

Most likely videos will be the first up, so as always stay tuned to for info!


We Have Reached A Milestone!

It may not be huge, but it definitely means something to me.  This past weekend marked the tenth convention in which we have participated in.  Starting at JaniCon in 2007, anirage has put on shows at: JaniCon 2007, Anime South 2007, Anime Express 2008, Metrocon 2008, EXP Con 2008, Anime South 2009, Anime Express 2009, EXP Con 2009, Anime Express 2010, and EXP Con 2010.  (If you count Fairy Tale Theater at Metrocons 2009 and 2010 then that is 12! but we were helping out Anime Belle with those products, so I won’t include those).

Of those 10 conventions, we have achieved Guest Status at: Anime Express 2008, 2009, 2010, EXP Con 2008, 2009, 2010, and Anime South 2009.

We have been together for over four years, and it’s been a great ride the whole way, and we have no plans on slowing down!  Through our trials and tribulations, we have remained strong and we have so much in store for our fans.

ShadoCon is just around the corner, and we are excited to say that we are bringing Whose Line is it aniRAGE?, Anime XD, and hopefully MAN-ime (where we go from being aniRAGE to being MANirage) to the con attendees.

Keep your eyes on for more great information.  It’s been a great four years, and we shall continue on for four and more!