Top 5 Comic Babes Who Need To Wear More Clothes (But God Bless Them For Not)

Top 5 Comic Babes Who Need To Wear More Clothes (But God Bless Them For Not)

#5: Power Girl

Power Girl probably wears more clothes than anyone else on this list. But look at that strange “viewing hole” in the middle of her chest. Is there a point to it? Some say that it was wear a “symbol” was supposed to go, but in the end, who really cares?

#4: Vampirella

One of the most well-known comic book heroines who nobody knows anything about. I know a ton of people who can describe fine details of this character’s look, but know somewhere between jack and squat about their personality. Then again, perhaps that’s exactly what they were going for when they designed her outfit. If her books were more mainstream/popular she’d probably be closer to the top of the list.

#3: Psylocke

Most might look at her outfit and go “wait, I’ve seen far worse.” Then you see her from behind and you realize that her costume basically leaves the entirety of her bum hanging out for all the world to see. What’s the point of of covering up just the crack itself?

#2: Mystique

First you look at Mystique (for a good, long while) and say “That covers up quite a lot. Sure it’s unusual, but not too scandelous!” And then you remember one simple fact: Mystique’s clothes are created. By her mutation. Her mutation to change her shape. So her clothes…are her. She really she’s naked, just a much more modest naked.

#1: Emma Frost

I think we all know why her nickname was the “Ice Queen.” She was so damn cold because her clothes cover up noooooooothing. Her secondary mutation is her body turning into diamonds. I can only image that certain parts of her upper body might be a bit like diamond cutters.

In the end, I think all of us heterosexual males and homosexual females can agree: nothing about their costumes need to change anytime soon.