Top 5 Comic “Nothing Left To The Imagination” Costumes

Top 5 Comic “Nothing Left To The Imagination” Costumes

These girls are fully-clothed, but at first thought you wouldn’t think so. I mean, it IS comic books, that COULD be a different color skin for all we know. But nope, they are fully clothed. And that doesn’t need to be changed in our books.

#5: Jean Grey – Phoenix

Probably the second most popular red-head from marvel (behind Mary Jane), Jean always seems to be very uninteresting. That beind said, she tends to leave nothing to the imagination, and you got to give her props for having such a huge costume improvement. Whether you look at her “Marvel Girl” costume or her generic “Jean Grey” costume, they are about as bland as her personality. At least with the Phoenix outfits you get something nice to look at.

#4: Catwoman/Black Cat

Straight out of a bondage catalogue, Catwoman has gone through a lot of costumes over the years. And no matter what, she never seems to cover up an inch of her. Yeah, she’s fully clothed. Not that it helps. I personally prefer the outfits where she’s not wearing giant goggles, but to each their own.
Black Cat is basically the Marvel Catwoman. They are both theives, both been frequently hooked up with their respective heros, and both have turned “good” for the sake of said hero. I think Black Cat is all-around hotter, personally, but she definitely doesn’t have the BDSM appeal that Catwoman brings.

#3: Black Widow

To be truthful, I didn’t know much about Black Widow until I started playing the Marvel VS card game way back in the day. And it was on once I went “Who is that Red Head in the skintight suit?”. She’s actually a really cool character, and of course having a hot russian accent doesn’t hurt. And the fact that Scarlett Johansson protrayed her in Iron Man 2 just adds on to the greatness. I’m still unsure if the whole “skintight suit” is the best suit for a spy. I mean, where is she supposed to hide all of her spy gadgets? But in the end, I think we can all agree: who cares?

#2: Spiderwoman

STORYTIME! It was the middle of Secret Invasion. The Skrulls were running wild on Earth. Spiderwoman, who was really the Skull Princess Veranke, had landed in the middle of Camp Hammond, the home base of the Superhero Initiative Training Camp. And up comes a shot right on her, well, crotch area. And clear as day, there it was. Skrull Camel Toe. So if you were around when THAT meme was running around on 4chan, my apologies for starting that. ANYWAY, Spiderman is well known for her “pheremone” powers, but that doesn’t really make up for the fact that every inch of hers is easily noticable with this “full body” costume.

#1: Rogue

Ok, I might be a bit biased here. Rogue is by far my favorite female comic character. By a pretty large margin. That being said, she does wear a pretty skintight outfit. Which is good. When you can’t a girl, it’s nice to not having anything be left to the imagination. And that “coat/jacket” that she wears? Yeah, that covers up so much, right? Who cares, she’s hot.

As I stated last time, in the end, I think all of us heterosexual males and homosexual females can agree: nothing about their costumes need to change anytime soon.


Top 5 Comic Babes Who Need To Wear More Clothes (But God Bless Them For Not)

Top 5 Comic Babes Who Need To Wear More Clothes (But God Bless Them For Not)

#5: Power Girl

Power Girl probably wears more clothes than anyone else on this list. But look at that strange “viewing hole” in the middle of her chest. Is there a point to it? Some say that it was wear a “symbol” was supposed to go, but in the end, who really cares?

#4: Vampirella

One of the most well-known comic book heroines who nobody knows anything about. I know a ton of people who can describe fine details of this character’s look, but know somewhere between jack and squat about their personality. Then again, perhaps that’s exactly what they were going for when they designed her outfit. If her books were more mainstream/popular she’d probably be closer to the top of the list.

#3: Psylocke

Most might look at her outfit and go “wait, I’ve seen far worse.” Then you see her from behind and you realize that her costume basically leaves the entirety of her bum hanging out for all the world to see. What’s the point of of covering up just the crack itself?

#2: Mystique

First you look at Mystique (for a good, long while) and say “That covers up quite a lot. Sure it’s unusual, but not too scandelous!” And then you remember one simple fact: Mystique’s clothes are created. By her mutation. Her mutation to change her shape. So her clothes…are her. She really she’s naked, just a much more modest naked.

#1: Emma Frost

I think we all know why her nickname was the “Ice Queen.” She was so damn cold because her clothes cover up noooooooothing. Her secondary mutation is her body turning into diamonds. I can only image that certain parts of her upper body might be a bit like diamond cutters.

In the end, I think all of us heterosexual males and homosexual females can agree: nothing about their costumes need to change anytime soon.